1. Dawn M.
2. Ben Clement
3. Jessica Jackson
4. Chad Mizner
5. Jodie Warren
6. Kevin Gleaton
7. Brian Peters
8. Tage Evanson
9. David Munsey
10. Clint Child
11. Mike Driscol
12. Don Sattler
13. Bev Sattler
14. Richard Rippy
15. Kevin Venisnik
16. Larry Petrucci
17. Brian Weikert
18. Deb Eymann
19. Steve Eymann
20. Geren Smith
21. Mark Johnson
22. Brad Owen
23. Ted Lewis
24. Jim Rohn

Changes for next PIR event
- Address DNF's: At this time we cannot line the course but we might be able to if we use the proper material. Jim Rohn will follow up with PIR to get the requirements.
- Observers: A new process will go into effect at the next event. The three observers will not be stationed at the timing tent, but instead stationed out on course. One on each skidpad.
- Course Length: At this time the S/C will not be radically changing the format or approximate course length. The S/C and general public with the exception of only a handful are happy with the course lengths so far. If the events run into problems due to simply course length, design changes will go into effect.
- Course setup: Per Jim, PIR has no issues with us setting up the course the Saturday before.

Worker Position Responsibilities FAQ
- A document was written (by Kevin Gleaton and Tage Evanson) outlining all key event worker positions. This FAQ will be available at future events to provide clarification.

- Kevin V. researched and summarized many different radio types and presented to the S/C. The decision was to go with four high quality, yet re-conditioned units that match the exact same type (PC 10) that the club currently has. They will have a 30 day warranty and we will be able to evaluate their performance and functionality at the Feb PIR event.

Lining Course
- Jim Rohn is currently in the works with PIR to see what material we can use to line the course as well as what the clean up fees would be.
- Kevin V. is concerned that once if we are given the go ahead to line it what are the logistics since lining it would require someone to walk 2 miles to do it with a less than optimal course liner
- All S/C members agreed that replacing the current course liner with 1 or 2 would be acceptable but the decision would be tabled until Jim heard more back from PIR

Sweeping/Sucking the course
- Jim Rohn will check into our available options and costs and will present for vote once he has that info.

Scoreboard Person
- We need to make this a position! Mark Johnson identified a serious gap with Jodie no longer doing this position.
- Jessica Jackson and Derek will help with this position and possibly will get some help from Jeremy now that he's helping out with Registration

No Show Policy
- Brian W. presented some serious challenges that no shows caused and requested the need to develop a strict policy and enforce it
- S/C determined the best course of action that would address the issue and not making things more difficult on any one would be to require a no show to pay for the event that they missed as well as the next one they register for and they would have to work twice. Folks have until 6pm the night before the event to notify the registrar. The S/C understands that extreme situations can arrise and will address those on a case by case basis if that ever presents itself.

Banquet Final Details / Slideshow
- Jodie stated that attendance numbers were low and to encourage all to come
- If you have pictures you'd like to include in the slide show, please give them to Brian P.

Budget Analysis
- Steve Eymann presented a very detailed analysis of the budget over several years
- The trend moved in a very positive direction indicating absolute stability and no need to change prices for the cost increases of PIR

Equipment Truck/Trailer
- Because of financial stability and a good savings built up the club decided on the purchase of a new timing enclosed trailer
- The club will look into purchase of a truck as a possibility but will start with just the trailer as the build time is approximately 8 weeks and a permanent site is about that far away as well
- Steve E. will verify when the funds will be available from the savings account and will work out the logistics of the purchasing of the trailer with Tage E. and Kevin V.

Event Chairman
- Feb / Tage Evanson & Clint Child
- Mar / Brian Peters & Brad Owen
- Apr / Brad Owen
- May / Jeremy Galo??? (<--need to confirm)
- Jun / Kevin V.
- Jul / David Munsey
- Aug / Clint Child
- Sep / Geren Smith
- Oct / Steve Eymann
- Nov / Kevin Gleaton
- Dec Drivers School / Brian Peters
- Dec / Dawn Maxwell

S/C Members
- Tage discussed who should and should not be a S/C member
- S/C member should be someone who is passionate about the sport and wants to make it and the club better
- S/C member should not be someone who is to get out of work and express only their opinions
- James Frink will be the new Waiver Assistant
- Steve Ashcraft will be the new Worker Chief Assistant
- There are a few other folks that will be helping out but all S/C members should remember that it is their responsibility to seek out and recruit new enthusiastic people to join the S/C and take over their current position if they do not want to do it the following year
- Due to a shortage of workers lately it may be required for S/C members to work the event as well. Registration will make all S/C members "extras" and they will be expected to show up for work as a normal entrant and cover any position if we are short on workers.
- Tage also discussed that due to some recent negative activity and responses on the messageboard that all S/C members should remember that their single opinions can easily represent the entire club. Please make sure you're doing your part to represent the club in a positive manner.

Novice Instructor Group
- Tage brought up a suggestion of a new class called "Instructor" (following the same principles as Sportsman) which would allow them to be passengers at any time to assist with novices even in group A
- The idea was not well received and the idea was turned down
- Addressing novices at this time should still be to enforce the importance of showing up early and walking the course many times

Registration challenges with Novices in A Group
- The registration process is an automated one and no one intentionally puts them in Group A
- If this continues to be a challenge, the logic behind the automation will be looked at to reduce or elimate novices from A Group

Trophy Budget
- Jodie Warren was under the impression that she had a set budget that she could not go over for trohpies each season
- We want to keep trophies within a reasonable budget but as long as there are funds available for nice(r) trophies and the year is trending close to break even trophies this should not be a challenge
- Jodie W. should work with Tage E. and Steve E. to determine a budget for each season

- Kevin V. suggested buying more cones and actually enough to replace all of them
- The issue of space or where to put them was brought up
- It was decided to table the discussion of more cones until we had the trailer with room for them

Summer Series
- Yes there will be a summer series at CAC again this year
- All of the key positions we have volunteers to make it happen
- Jim will get us the dates we need so we can publish our schedule
- Tage is still trying to follow up with CCC about the Flagstaff event (Update: Just got an email back from Greg S. stating to contact another guy about the Flagstaff event. Currently waiting for a reply)