Date: 5/19/05
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Steve Eymann's work


Bev Sattler
Brad Owen
Brian Peters
Brian Weikert
Clint Child
Dawn Maxwell
Deb Eymann
Don Sattler
Jim Rohn
Jodie Warren
Kevin Gleaton
Kevin Venisnik
Larry Petrucci
Mark Johnson
Steve Eymann
Tage Evanson
Ted Lewis

- Treasurer (Steve/Deb)
o We are loosing a little money each event and have a negative balance for the year but no need for any radical changes, especially since we intend to make money for the Summer Series
o Steve will provide his analysis after the Summer Series to determine if an entry fee increase will be needed for the Fall Series

- Equipment (Kevin/Brad)
o We have 14 working radios, Kevin will purchase two more to ensure we have ample radios and a spare at all times
o Trailer is on order and should be completed sometime this Summer. When we take delivery of it, it will be stored at Kevin's house where he can work on shelves and organizing it
o Dave McCombs was looking into pricing for an industrial strength blower to ease course prep in the morning. Prices were in the $500-600 range. This could be used for the Summer Series assuming we have a place to store it and can get it transported to CAC this Summer. Tage will follow up with Dave M. on it. As an alternative, Ted Lewis was going to see if we could borrow his friends.
o Tage suggested with the room that the trailer will provide that we look into getting a community air compressor for the general public. It was decided that we do not have a sufficient generator to run an air compressor of adequate size for airing up tanks and tires.
o We seem to have enough folks coming early and staying late to help. Kevin and Brad suggested organizing the same folks each and every event so they know what to do to make things more efficient and streamline the process. Kevin and Brad would get their preferences to the registration guys so they can coordinate worker assignments.
o The truck did not make it to CAC, as the tread on one of the tires came off. Repairs were made at Kevin V. house. Kevin and Brad will try to get it to CAC again and will inform us of any challenges.

- Overall Event Logistics (Brian)
o In an effort to improve accuracy of penalty calls on cars, Brian suggested the use of car numbers. Since this would pose many challenges and would require some transition, especially for newer folks and novices, at this time it will simply be optional. Steve E. and the registration guys will look into making modifications to the registration page/process so the "optional car number" will show up on the master Timing Sheets. They expect to have something ready by the Fall Series as this will most likely not be an issue for the Summer Series.
o It was expressed that the music at our events was offensive to some. The core of the issue from the last event (which were most of the complaints came from) was the volume levels and type of music. The volume was an issue as many were testing the volume levels and direction of the speakers (which was aimed at tech & registration). Extra efforts will be made to ensure an appropriate volume level and direction of the speakers. Additionally music will be varied more and only contain "car type" music to please a large audience.

- Registration (Geren/Brian)
o The Summer Series will be pre-registration only. Starting in the Fall Series registration will move to pre-registration only as well. This decision was made for several reasons such as we are already reaching our entrant capacity without having onsite registration. Onsite registration is a small percentage of our entrants but it takes up to 75% of the time for our registration folks. Eliminating it will shorten the lines and speed up the process for all.
o The event schedule will be modified to streamline the flow of things and ensure the event gets started on time and allows everyone time to walk the course. This modified schedule will be sent to the webmaster to get it updated for all events.
o There was talk of increasing run group sizes to gain a larger pool of workers but at this point we will maintain the course at 30 entrant work/run groups.
o It was identified that some workers do certain jobs exceptionally well while others struggled. If you see these opportunities, please get this information to the registration folks so they can start to create a database of preferred individuals to work (or not work) some of our key positions.
o Registration would like to integrate with T&S but that will be a future initiative as we continue to improve our processes
o Tage talked about creating a local membership but at this time that topic will be tabled

- Tech (Ted, Larry, Rip)
o To ensure that Tech individuals as well as Novices and all competitors have time to walk the course, registration and tech will be modifying their schedule to open earlier and closer earlier. The tech guys have been seeing a trend that Novices will show up at the last possible moment to get their car through tech. They are not getting a chance to walk the course which is causing DNF's and frustration for all entrants and workers. It will be the responsibility of all competitors to get registered and tech'd prior to them closing and it will be the responsibility of tech to determine who gets in and who does not.

- Course
o After review, the North lot cannot be used due to a transition that is too aggressive. We will stick with the two good lots (South & East) and eliminate or extremely limit the use of the West lot.

- T&S (Kevin)
o Kevin proposed a reorganization to the Novice & Street Tire Categories. Much of the reasoning was due to the fact that STS which is very close to DSP and CSP has an extremely favorable PAX advantage. The elimination of ST3 was proposed due to lack of participation. The big difference was that CSP & DSP allow R-tires but almost no novices utilize R-tires. So the new groups will go as follows:

NV1/ST1 - SS, AS, BS, FS, ASP, BSP, ESP, AP, BP, CP, DP, EP, FP, SM, SM2, all Mod

o Observer process and protest process (DNF or cone calls) is going well but Kevin needs help managing it. Registration will update the worker assignment for "Admin" positions to not just say "Admin" but say "Admin A", "Admin B", "Admin C", etc. so you know what group you're expected to help the Chairman ensure the event is running optimally and all workers know what to do.

- Banquet & trophy update (Jodie)
o Banquet will be at F1 Race Factory. Registration form and date will be coming out soon.
o Jodie looked for input and the feedback was to go with a more traditional trophy and/or wall plaque since that is what the general public has expressed they want the most.

- Scoreboard process
o Jeremy owns this and should be able to help out at future events with registration being streamlined with the elimination of onsite registration going forward.

- Site Liaison
o We have contracts and dates for the Summer Series confirmed as well as the times (5am-1pm).
o We will be allowed to have Pat the hot dog lady at our events this Summer!
o Jim is waiting to hear back from PIR about having Pat out at our events as an SCCA member
o We still no not have a "November 2005" event date or location. Jim will be putting in several requests to all options and will report back to the S/C to make a decision on an alternative date if one is available.

- Website updates (Chad)
o Chad will still be around and will help with website updates but Ben has agreed to stepping up and putting some effort into updating the look and organization of the website. He will form a focus group to determine what changes are needed and will go forward from there. He will be sending out personal invites to be on the focus group, but if you feel strongly or have suggestions, please contact him offline.

- Worker Chief (Dave/Steve)
o not present, no updates

- Goodie Store updates (Jessica)
o not present, but Bev gave an update for Jessica that she is out of stock and will be looking to order new mechandise (shirts & stickers) for the Fall Series.
o We have a TON of rule books left over, these will be price reduced with each successive event and/or given away as prizes to ensure we do not have a surplus at the end of the year.

- Pylon Press updates (Mike/Mark)
o The guys will be taking the Summer off for a much needed break but will provide an overall summary at the end of the Summer Series

- Safety/Waiver updates (Bev/Don)
o None