Notes/Minutes from SC Meeting 8/19/2004


Present: Tage Evanson, Scott and Glenda Meyers, Mark Shaw, Dawn Maxwell, Ted Lewis, Don and Bev Sattler, Ben Clement, Mark Johnson, Mike Driscoll, Kevin Gleaton, Brian Peters, Jodie Warren, Jim Rohn, Steve Eymann


1.      Financial - Glenda shared that we were financially sound, and that a few bucks had been made from the Summer Series. All major outstanding bills have been received and are now paid.

2.      Nationals Practice Day – Not full, will be opened to others first who are very active in club support and then if still not full to first come others. 30 are needed at $35 each to cover expenses.

3.      Event Chair Details – September through December events were discussed, especially September with a number of worker chiefs absent due to Nationals. All positions are covered as far as we know.

4.      Next Series/Update Supps

  1. Extreme DNF - The problem with how to score an “Extreme DNF” was discussed, and decided to go with that being scored as a DQ (Disqualified), and no points or attendance awarded; a DNF will be scored as 100 points, and a DNW (did not work) will result in zero points, score, attendance, and loss of next event…..unless there’s a damn good reason J
  2. Legal Helmets – Whatever National allows, we will allow. Supps and posting to be changed to mirror that.
  3. Three Race Series Payout – Since there are only three events funding the payout for PRO, we were reminded that the payout is less; $60/$45/$30/$15 instead of starting at $75/$60 etc. ALSO, PRO payouts in the future will not be cash, rather will be same money value credit towards future entries, to be used in one calendar year.
  4. New Classes – STS2 and STU will be added for the Fall Series and thereafter. Until SCCA changes it’s mind…..again.

5.      Summer Series Recap – Discussion on hoe things went, and it was decided to hire a sweeper for any future events there due to weather related and runoff issues.

6.      Summer Trophies & Party – No party, will be trophies will be handed out at the next event. Jodie has ordered trophies and expects them in time for our September event. Maybe.

7.      Truck Replacement Plan – Again there was great discussion on whether we need a trailer or new big box vehicle. Steve Eymann came prepared with price and equipment quotes for a 20’ trailer (around $6500), and will now explore costs of a big box truck.

8.      Future Charity Events – We are open to new ideas as the last effort became complicated and unworkable.

9.      Request for Karts to Be Run – We received one request for permission to run a Kart at future events, and it was decided to allow this with specific run group restrictions. It will be pre-registration only, and no run group choice due to the special arrangements that Karts require.

10.  Cecil Walker – Due to schedule conflicts Cecil is no longer able to attend out events and will be removed form the SC.

11.  Other – Jodie is actively working on a new Fall Series Banquet location for January 2005. We need to begin thinking about dates and locations for 2005 now.


Those are the Minutes as I see it; now back to regular programming.  J

Scott Meyers

Secretary who wears no short skirts….ever!