Date: 8/25/05
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Brian Peter’s work

Tage Evanson
Brian Peters
Steve Eymann
Brian Weikert
Geren Smith
Ted Lewis
Larry Petrucci
Kevin Gleaton
Bev Sattler
James Frink
Don Sattler
Dave Webb
Kevin Venisnik
Brad Owen
Clint Child
Ben Clement
Jim Rohn

Treasurer (Steve)
As expected we are still in the negative for the year. Steve proposed that we need to increase fees for the Fall and 2006 which will put the club back at a balanced yearly budget. The S/C discussed and agreed to the following new price structure:

SCCA Member Entry Type Pre-Entry
Pay At Event
or with PayPal Entry At Event
Member Day Event $20.00 $40.00
Non-Member Day Event $25.00 $40.00
Any Time-Only
(Day Events Only) $10.00 $10.00
Member Summer Series Pre-Paid
(3 events, no refunds) $50.00 $50.00
(pre-pay at first event only)
Non-Member Summer Series Pre-Paid
(3 events, no refunds) $65.00 $65.00
(pre-pay at first event only)
Member Spring or Fall Series Pre-Paid
(4 events, no refunds) $70.00 $70.00
(pre-pay at first event only)
Non-Member Spring or Fall Series Pre-Paid
(4 events, no refunds) $90.00 $90.00
(pre-pay at first event only)

Equipment (Kevin/Brad)
• The trailer is coming along well. Painting of the inside is done and countertop completion will not be far behind. Kevin/Brad are expecting that we may be able to use it at PIR as early as the Sept event.
• There is no insurance on the trailer currently, but it is currently very secure in Kevin’s backyard
• Once the trailer leaves Kevin’s backyard we must make sure the trailer is connected to a vehicle so it is insured
• The old equipment truck had another tire failure. Jim Rohn will work with Kevin on getting very inexpensive replacements through his contact/hookup.
• Kevin was given the go ahead to buy more fire extinguishers. It was recommended that he get 5 lb bottles as a minimum capacity
• We have 14 radios and all but 1 are working well. They will research into repair or battery replacement for the 1 bad one.
• Kevin and Brad will make sure we have enough red flags

Registration Update (Geren / Brian)
• At the last S/C meeting it was decided that the Fall Series would be pre-registration only. However, we decided to continue to allow on-site registration so we are not turning folks away. The new pricing structure will however highly discourage frequent use of on-site registration.
• To encourage folks to show up earlier and make sure that everyone has a chance to walk the course, the hours of operation for registration and tech will be modified below
• Scoreboard continue to be a challenge due to inconsistent attendance by folks assigned to this task. At this time if the regular is not available the chairman or any other S/C person should pick this up. Worse case any volunteer will work.
• Kris Castner has stepped up and has been a consistent helper in registration. If he continues on this path he would be the natural candidate to join the S/C as registration in the future.
• Reminder that we need help running the event in addition to the chairman. Just because you had “Admin” does not necessarily mean, get out of work free. At the last S/C meeting it was decided and registration started assigning "Admin A", "Admin B", "Admin C", etc. instead of just “Admin”. This is so you know when you’re suppose to show up to work to help supervisor/mentor/train the workers who do not understand what they are suppose to do.
• We are going to expand our run group sizes to accommodate slightly more entrants and more importantly give each run group a larger pool of workers. There are no limitations with registration or T&S. The only thing we’ll need to do is make a larger grid and get new/bigger scoreboards. Jim Rohn said he would donate one to the club. Jim would get with Kevin offline to facilitate that.

Registration Tech
7:00am – 8:15am 7:00am – 8:20am
11:00am – 11:45 11:00am – 11:50

Tech Update (Ted / Larry)
• Tech will host an official annual tech day at the beginning of next year (i.e. Jan)
• Lots of last minute people show up to tech which result in them not walking the course and DNF’ing. Tech would like to close earlier to try to avoid this situation.

Website update (Ben)
• Ben is working on revamping the website. It looks really good. It’s more organized, more functional and it just looks prettier. He will post some URL’s of some samples of the new site in the next day or two.

Car numbers (Brian / All)
• This was actually brought up at the last S/C meeting and again this one. We will move forward with car numbers but it will be a voluntary thing at this time. Registration will make the needed changes to the web pre-reg form and the timing sheets that they print to facilitate this change.

Upcoming Events
• Brady is going to setup up and host a “weigh day” at Surge Street Shop for the club. It should generate some additional funds for the club and some additional traffic for our sponsor. He will get with Rip about picking up the scales from him and returning them when done.
• Rip said via email that he will host another “weigh day” later this year, “when it cools down”
• Some changes to the Fall Series will be some modifications to the Supplimental Rules, optional car numbers and pricing structure
• Jodie was not in attendance to discuss Summer Series Trophies
• After getting a feel from the equipment guys Tage is going to tell the NSX Club no to helping them out for their event at FIR in Oct.
• Jim has requested our 2006 schedule to both AMP & PIR. No word back on what dates we will get / not get yet.
• We decided to table the idea of a Divisional or Nat'l Tour until we see what dates we get for our local events. Brian P. is driving the idea of doing something special and will be providing ideas and will be the champion/owner for this event besides our regular local events.

Driver Training (Brian)
• No new updates, drivers school still on for Dec

Timing/Scoring Update (Kevin)
• Kevin proposed that we eliminate the open combined classes. The original concept was done to eliminate single car classes and create competition when it existed. Some of the general public does not like it. Jim seconded the motion. The S/C voted via raised hands and it was a close vote but the majority voted to eliminate the open combined classes for the Fall Series.

Goodie Store (Brian)
• The S/C would like to see some changes and new products offered at the Goodie Store and perhaps even previewing some new products online that can be pre-ordered. The appropriate people will get with Jessica offline.

Banquet & Awards
• Tage will get with Jodie for Summer awards

Safety Update (Bev)
• Assuming our dates stay the same, Bev will plan to host another two day SSS training day during our two day Oct event.

Waiver Update (Don)
• We skipped over Don but he didn’t have anything to say anyway. 

Worker Update (Dave)
• Dave is having problems with many workers (mostly novices?) not understanding what they are suppose to do.
• Having maps at each worker station with designated area of responsibility helped so please make sure we (Brian and Tage) continue to do that.

Course Update (Clint)
• No new updates. They will stick to the plan of only using the two good/East lots and possibly using the West lot on a very limited basis. UPDATE: Per Jim, there is a rumor that the West lot was fixed/redone this Summer.

Pylon Press
• No representatives present at meeting
• Mike Driscoll made the announcement via the message board that Jay Balducci will be taking over as editor effective with the January issue and Mark Johnson is continuing as lead reporter.

Photography (All)
• There are many folks stepping up to do this role (i.e. Rob Rockefeller) but at this time the S/C decided not to offer these folks a position on the S/C. Instead registration will make that their work assignment when we are covered or have a surplus of workers for running the regular event.

2006 positions/officials (Tage / All)
Here are the preliminary S/C positions and runners for 2006:

2006 S/C
Director Brian Peters
Co-Director Kevin Gleaton
Treasurer Steve & Deb Eymann
Registrar Brian Weikert
Geren Smith
Tech Larry Petrucci
Richard Rippy
Ted Lewis
Timing/Scoring Kevin Gleaton
Safety Bev Sattler
Waiver James Frink
Don Sattler
Workers David Webb
Steve Ashcraft
Equipment Kevin Venisnik
Brad Owen
Goodie Store Jessica Jackson?
Course Designer Dawn Maxwell
Dave McCombs
Clint Child
Web Master Ben Clement
Chad Mizner
Driver Training Brian Peters?
Pylon Press Mark Johnson
Jay Balducci
Site Liaison Jim Rohn
Banquet/Awards Jodie Warren?
Photography Brandon Smith

Supplimental Rules updates? (Tage)
• Some updates will be made
o Get rid of comment in classing about SM needing to be “street legal”
o Add a clause in the “Minors Riding” section to state that the minor has to be a minimum of 54” tall as well.
o Update “F125,…” section to allow Karts to run
o Update “Minors Riding” to include Snell 1990 helmets as still legal

Worker FAQ Updates? (Tage)
• These were updated to remove “Observers” and update “Course Worker” responsibilities

Classing/Category Changes (Post meeting - discussion via S/C forum)
The S/C reviewed the current classes/categories and agreed that there were no changes needed for the upcoming season. The topic of (continuing to allow) R-tires in the Novice category was about a 50/50 voting and not enough to justify making a change. It was originally brought up as it has the potential to cause an unfair advantage for the typical novice as the vast majority of 1st timers are just out there trying it out and testing the waters in their street cars which are typcially equiped with street tires.

Some of the key points supporting the decision to continue to allow R-tires were:

No existing major issues or voiced concerns from any actual novice competitors
Not enough examples and situations where this would be a potential issue to support making a change
Banning R-tires from the Novice class would not allow Novice co-drive opportunities with a more seasoned/experienced competitor/car