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Sept 14th - AMP

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Annual Tech

Annual Tech Available in 2008!

This year we will be offering annual tech available to SCCA members.

Q: What is annual tech?
A: You only need to tech your car once at the beginning of the year and then your car will not need to be tech’d for any other events for the rest of the year.

Q: Who is eligible for annual tech?
A: "SCCA members" who have completed at least one complete non-Novice season.

Q: Will annual tech cost anything?
A: A $3 fee covers a windshield marker and all required decals for annual tech.

Q: How do I sign up for annual tech?
A: No registration needed, simply show up to the designated Annual Tech inspection.

Q: How detailed with this tech inspection be?
A: See below/attachments.

Q: What will be the process for registration once I’ve passed an annual tech inspection?
A: Go to registration to pay, “self-tech” your car, write your car number on your window and hand your registration (marked “Paid”) form to tech. That’s it!

Annual Tech form

Self Tech form

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