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Car Classes

"What class does my car belong in?"

If you're here looking for the answer to that question, you're in the right place. Car classes are updated annually and are maintained by the SCCA. Refer to the current year edition of the SCCA National Solo Rule Book. Once you determine your stock class, you'll want to check local autocrosser Ben Clement's Modification Guide to see how any modifications you've made to your car, if any,will affect your class.

Local Arizona Region Competition Categories

All of the SCCA preparation categories and classes are available in Arizona Region SCCA autocrosses as the "OPEN" competition category where entrants compete for best raw time. There are also several additional competition categories offered at Arizona Region SCCA autocrosses, which are handicapped using the PAX factor method. All categories allow run group preference.  These competition categories are:

Novice - All cars, regardless of class, for drivers that qualify for Novice.

Ladies - All cars, regardless of class, driven by ladies.

Sportsman - All national SCCA classes are allowed in this category.

Open - All national level classes each have their own Open category and will ONLY compete against other cars in their class.

SCCA National Solo Preparation Categories

There are several levels of car preparation starting with "stock" and going to "modified". The SCCA defines what modifications are allowed in each preparation category. Within a category of preparation there are several "classes" of cars, which are group by similar potential within that level of preparation. The preparation categories are:

  • Street Category: AS - HS, SS
    This category of preparation includes most mass-produced vehicles, which are normally used on the public roadways. The stock category allows minor additions, removals, or changes of equipment. Tires are restricted to 200 UTOG Treadwear rating or higher (most 'normal' tires are higher than this)
  • Street Touring Category: STF, STC, STS, STX, STR, STU
    The Street Touring Category includes cars with Stock category allowances and additional popular street modifications such as lowering kits, wider wheels, some bolt on engine modifications, etc. Cars must compete on DOT rated street tires with a wear index of 200 or greater
  • Street Prepared Category: ASP - FSP
    This category of preparation includes all of the vehicles eligible for the stock category but allows more modifications in addition to those allowed for the Stock category. In general a Street Prepared could still be driven and licensed for street use and may appear only slightly modified (interior still in place). Generally updating and backdating of components from an earlier/later year of the same model is permitted.
  • Street Modified Category: SM, SMF, SSM
    The Street Modified classes have much more liberal engine allowances and may use any (race) tire so long as it carries a DOT rating.
  • Prepared Category: CP - GP, XP
    The prepared category allows modifications to build a high performance car which would not normally be driven and licensed for street use. This category also includes cars prepared to production club racing rules. Some modifications for Prepared are not allowed in Street Prepared and visa versa. There are also minimum vehicle weights specified for all cars.
  • Modified Category: AM - FM
    The Modified category includes formula cars, kit cars, and production cars modified outside of the other categories. These vehicles are intended solely for competition.

Street Tires: any DOT rated tire with a wear index of 200 or greater.

Novice: Anyone who has entered less than 6 events in the prior 12 months AND has not received a trophy in any class.

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