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Supplemental Rules


Refund Policy:Your registration can be canceled at any time prior to close of online Registration and your payment will be refunded. After online registration is closed, you must contact the registrar 24 hours prior to the start of the event to receive a refund. Refunds will not be given due to inclement weather. If a car fails to pass the AMP sound meter test, a refund will be given. However, if a car subsequently exceeds the sound limit, for any reason, while on course and cannot take additional laps due to the sound violation, a refund will not be given. Refunds will not be given if you choose to leave an event early and not complete your scheduled runs, both for competition or time only entries. Refunds will be handled through the method paid, e.g. a cash refund if cash was used, or a refund through MotorsportsReg if payment was done there.
Registration "No Show" Policy: If you pre-register and are unable to attend, you must notify the event registrar by 5 pm, the day before the event. If you do not, then you will be recorded as a "no-show" for that date. The next event you attend, you can still pre-register, but you will be required to pay for the no-show event and to work an extra worker assignment - Setup, Morning Waiver, or other assignments as needed by the club.
Waiver of Liability: Every person present at the event must acknowledge and sign the Release and Waiver of Liability form and wear the Solo waiver wrist band in a clearly visible location on their person.
Vehicle Eligibility: Nearly every racecar, passenger car and sports car is eligible for Solo competition. Trucks, SUV's, Van's and other similarly large vehicles may not be eligible for competition due to safety concerns. Please check with the Director, Co-Director, Event Chairman, Tech Chief, or Solo Safety Steward if you have a questionable vehicle you would like to run (contact information found on the "Officials" page).
Conduct/Working: Anyone who drives in an unsafe manner shows blatant disregard for fellow entrants, officials, rules or their purpose will be subject to disqualification and/or suspension. All entrants are required to work. Those who do not will be disqualified (i.e. no points on the results X.Work ) and will be suspended for the next event they register for. No alcoholic beverages or impairing medications are allowed. Spectators and children must stay only in identified safe areas. Speeds in the immediate area will be 5mph or less.
Maximum Entries: AZ Solo reserves the right to limit participation to maximize the quality of events.
F125, Formula Junior and/or Karts: These classes will be allowed if additional insurance requirements have been made in advance. The event details posted prior to the event MUST specifically indicate that these classes will be allowed to compete. If not, they will not be allowed to run.
SCCA Membership: Any entrant requesting the lower SCCA Member entry fees must have a current SCCA membership card and be prepared to show it at registration.
Helmets: Loaner helmets of correct rating are available.
Car Numbers, Classes and Run Order: Cars will be numbered by run group (A-1, B-2, C-5, etc.). Cars in the same SCCA Open classes listed above will run in the same group. All other local classes will have a choice of run groups. Car number and class designation must be placed clearly on the car at tech inspection (commonly white shoe polish on windows). Car classing is to be done at Registration by the entrant (help available if needed).
Passengers: An adult passenger may ride with any entrant during their competition runs except that such passenger is not competing in the same or later run group.    The exception to this is for Instructors riding with Novices who may ride with others prior to their own competition runs.
Minors Riding: Younger passengers may ride only if they are at least 12 years old, have signed the temporary membership form, have a properly signed Minor Waiver and the parent/guardian brings a helmet of the correct size for them that is appropriately rated (we have no junior-size helmets as loaners).
Tech Inspection: The following items - steering, battery, wheel lugs & bearings, tire pressure & condition, throttle spring, muffler (db limits will be enforced based on site requirements), no loose items, no fluid leaks, seat belts, and camera mounts- will be closely checked. If you have your own helmet, bring it to tech inspection so that its rating may be checked.
Pop-Up Tents: Pop-up tents and shades can be a hazard due to wind gusts. They should all be tied down with weights. In any case it is the responsibility of each entrant to avoid these structures during wind gusts and to NOT park their vehicles near such structures which might blow over and damage their vehicle.
Site Respect: Every entrant and/or visitor is expected to pick up their trash, cigarette butts and personal belongings.
Use of any vehicle jacks must be cushioned from the pavement with a wooden board (loaner boards available).
Instructor: Volunteers approved by the Chief of Driver Training to assist novices and conduct ride alongs. Priority given to drivers with mulitiple DNFs, first timers, novices and ride alongs in that order. Instructor is expected to be a passenger in the student's vehicle. Instructors may not drive student cars during competition runs. Selection criteria for an Instructor to include but not limited to demonstrated superior level of driving skills, superior verbal communication skills and strong willingness to develop others autocross skills. 
Novice: A Novice is defined as someone who has less than one year of experience in autocross, has entered less than 6 events in the AZ Region and who has not received a trophy in any class/category in an AZ Region autocross. Competitors in the Novice class may ride with others prior to their own competition runs without penalty. This rule is to encourage Novice competitors to learn from more experienced drivers and reduce DNF's and getting lost on course in their first few events.
Nitrous Systems: Any nitrous tank or bottle must be detached and left at home. No nitrous tanks or bottles are allowed at event site whether connected to the vehicle engine or not.
Unsafe Conduct: Any unsafe or illegal driving behavior at the site or in close proximity to the site before, during, or after an event may lead to disqualification from that event and, potentially, future events for a period of up to 6 months. Firearms or weapons of any kind will not be allowed at the event site. Weapons policy violations will be reviewed by the AZ Solo Steering Committee and may result in a permanent ban from future AZ SCCA events.
Driving Conduct: To enforce safety within the course, including grid and the finish area, unsafe driving behavior is unacceptable. Unsafe driving behavior may include, but is not limited to, loss of control, placing course workers or spectators in danger, spinning, drifting, sustained speed after the timing lights, or failing to exit the finish chute in a timely manner. Driving any part of the course in an unsafe manner as determined by the Solo Safety Steward(s) in their sole judgment may result in any or all of the following: verbal warning, that run being scored as a DNF, all runs being DSQ’d or in extreme circumstances disqualification from future events for up to six months. The finish area is an area of increased risk exposure. Special attention to finish area safety will be part of all course designs. Solo Safety Stewards (SSS) will be tasked to pay particular attention to all drivers and their actions in the finish area.
Protests: Any disputes should first be discussed and solved directly between the involved parties (SCCA official available if requested). Should there still be the need to protest a driver, car, or event procedures this should occur within 30 minutes of the last run for the car/driver in question. Deliver in writing to the Solo Director or Chief Steward with exact specifics as to the issue. A protest committee will be formed of three SCCA officials who will review the facts and make an immediate decision on the site. Corrections to the results must be submitted by email to the Timing Chairman within one week after the results are posted to the website. Results are final one week after they have been posted on the website.
Registration and Proof of ID: Every entrant will be required to show a valid and current drivers license or permit prior to being allowed to register for an event. Those under 18 must have a properly filled out minor waiver form. Entrants must register with the same name that appears on the driver's license (common shortened names are okay as a substitute - example: Matthew = Matt). Additionally, pre-Registration or onsite registration automatically gives the Solo SCCA AZ Region permission to post all registered entrants name on our results page. Failure to meet all requirements will disqualify entrants from running the event.
Scoring: The score for each event will be based on the PAX score. The PAX score is 1000 times the ratio of the best PAX time in class divided by the entrant's best time. Best PAX score will then be 1000 points. The entrants position in a series will be determined by combining the best PAX scores from each event in the series, dropping the worst score or a missed event. Therefore a 4-event series will use the best 3 event scores and a 3-event series will use the best 2 event scores. Entrants missing more than one event in a series will not be qualified for trophies or listing in the series results. In the event a competitor receives DNF's on all competition runs, a score of 100 PAX points will be awarded. In the event of a competitor receiving an "Extreme DNF" ("X.DNF") or failure to show up for their assigned work assignment ("X.Work") the score be handled as if the competitor never ran the event.
Car/Driver Limits: There shall be no more than two drivers per car per run group regardless of class/category. Exceptions due to mechanical issues may be allowed if approved by the Event Chair.

Trophies will be awarded based on the number of entrants in the class. Ties in a series class will be broken by first comparing the highest total PAX score for the events where the tied competitors actually competed against each other. If still a tie, then use fractional total PAX Score for the events where the tied competitors actually competed against each other. If still a tie then award duplicate places and drop next place in sequence.

Trophies not claimed at the awards banquet will be retained by the club for 1 calender year. After 1 calender year the club will dispose of any still unclaimed trophy as it sees fit. For example, unclaimed trophies from the Fall 2009 series will be retained till the last event of the Fall 2010 series.

Trophies are awarded as follows:
1st Trophy - 1-3 cars
2nd Trophy - 4-6 cars
3rd Trophy - 7-9 cars
4th Trophy - 10-14 cars
5th Trophy - 15+ cars

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