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Next Phoenix/AZSolo Autocross:

May 17th, 2020 - AMP

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Weekend Membership

SCCA "Weekend Membership" Program

In January 2008, the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) introduced the "Weekend Membership" program. The program offers the opportunity for individuals to try autocross and then apply part of their event fees toward full SCCA membership if they so desire.

The program fee is included in the non-member cost of each event and is good for 5 consecutive days. Weekend Memberships carry a face value of $15. If a non-member attends two events within 60 days, he or she may apply $30 (maximum) toward national membership. The new member will then pay member rates at subsequent events and will enjoy all of the benefits of full SCCA membership.

NOTE: If you are a current SCCA member or if you do join, be sure to bring your SCCA membership card to any event in which you plan to participate, otherwise you may be required to pay the non-member entry fee.

For additional information or to ask questions, please visit the forum thread addressing the subject of 2008 Membership Requirements.

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