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May 6 2017 Event Details

Event Name: May Special Event - Lake Loop Track

Event Date: Saturday, May 6th, 2017l

Location: Wild Horse Pass - Bondurant Lake Loop [map]

Registration Fee SCCA Members: $35 Pre-Registration, $45 at Event

Registration Fee Non-Members: $45 Pre-Registration, $50 at Event

Online Registration: MindTheCones.com

Choosing The Correct Class & Group: AZSoloHowTo

Lake Loop Only Restrictions (Due to it being on a Road Course)


  • No Minors allowed as passengers
  • No first time Autocrossers - must have participated in previous Phoenix Region event or at a National event.
  • No Karts or Jr Karts
  • Four wheels off, at any time (including parade laps) results in all runs being scored DNF and you are done running for the day, but you must complete work assignment(s). Four wheels off includes any combination thereof (i.e. one wheel off four times, two wheels twice or car completely off track, etc).

Time-Only Runs: $15 (you must participate in competition runs to do time-only runs)

* Non-member fees include Weekend Membership

7:00AM Gates Open
7:15AM - 8:15AM Registration
7:15AM - 8:20AM Tech Inspection
8:35AM Course closed for walking
8:45AM Driver's Meeting (Required)
9:00AM First car in Run Group A starts
typically 60 minutes Run Group A
typically 60 minutes Run Group B
typically 60 minutes Run Group C

typically 60 minutes Run Group E (Time Only)
typically 60 minutes Run Group F (Time Only)
4:00 PM Course teardown
5:00 PM Everyone Off-Site
Run Work Classes
A   B    Competition Runs
B   C    Competition Runs
C   A    Competition Runs
E   F    Time Only Runs
F   E    Time Only Runs

Parking map:

Event notes:

1) Run groups:
Run group and order are subject to change according to entry numbers and class sizes. As with many organizations, we are constantly doing our best to accommodate all entrants and ensure the smooth operation and organization of our events. In order to do this, there may be some re-grouping now and then, or the drop of one run group if the number of entries is below 25 for a particular group.

2) Paddock:
See the above map for paddock location.

3) Gridding:
See the above map for the grid location. This area will be marked out with the smaller grid cones and slots will be numbered. Please do NOT park in these spots, or grid sooner than the previous group has finished.

4) Bring Water:
Please bring plenty of water, and don't forget the sunscreen.

5)  Off Course / DNF
Four wheels off is DNF.   Any combination i.e. one wheel off four times, car completely off track, etc off during the day and you are done running for the day but still must work.

6)  Karts
No karts or Jr Karts are allowed on the track for this event

We are looking forward to a safe, fun event at Bondurant!

How To Register in the Proper Class:


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