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Autocross Schedule

Next Phoenix/AZSolo Autocross:

May 17th, 2020 - AMP

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Registration Process

 At the event follow these procedures to get registered, get your car tech inspected, and prepare for the event.

  • If you Registered On-Line
    1. Find the pre-register line at the registration table and pick up your printed out registration form.
    2. Check that your form has the correct address.
    3. Sign your entry form and pay pre-entry fee
    4. Your entry form will be stamped PAID.
  • If you Register at the Event
    1. Find the register line at the registration table and pick up a blank registration form.
    2. Fill out the form making sure it has the correct address.
    3. Give the form to the registrar to find you and run group and work assignment.
    4. Sign your entry form and pay the on-site entry fee.
    5. Your entry form will be stamped PAID.
  • Sign the RELEASE AND WAIVER oF LIABILITY AGREEMENT and put an SCCA Waiver band on your wrist.
  • Take your entry form (marked PAID) and your car to tech inspection. Be sure that all loose items have been removed and that the car is ready to run. Also present your helmet for inspection. The tech inspector will check your car, write your number on the upper right of the widnshield; and keep your entry form (be sure you write down your work assignment so you remember it!
  • Obtain a map of the course and walk the course to familiarize yourself with it. Ask a more experienced driver to assist in explaining anything that you are not sure about.
  • Attend the required driver's meeting when it is announced.
  • Now the event begins...!!!
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