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Josh Sorter

Driver Profile: Josh Sortor

by Mike Driscoll


ARIZONA REGION – Joshua Sortor is yet another Arizona native. Maybe they're not as rare as commonly thought? Anyway, Josh was born in Phoenix and has lived here all his life, except while attending the University of Arizona in 1994-99.

His father has been a mechanic his whole life (like his father), so Josh spent his childhood and adolescence surrounded by tools, engines, axles, and the like. So, no way to tell when the interest in automobiles began. It wasn't congenital, but it was close to that.

The intense competitive nature may have been congenital. After all, Josh thinks that the stress of trying to do better than everyone else and achieving nearly unreachable goals in competition are large parts of what make it all fun for him. He spent two years racing GP motorcycles, including a year of pro racing in which he finished 6th in points. His best finish was a second place at Datona International Raceway. After his pro season, having realized that even with the purse winnings he couldn't sustain the race team, he spent a year away from motorsports, clearing away some debts.

Josh bought his Subaru WRX simply as a daily driver, but suscribed to the year's free SCCA membership included with the purchase. It was at that time that he noticed the Solo 2 activity, which seemed an inexpensive way to step towards car racing. It has helped satiate his need for competition, too.

Josh took first place novice awards in both the Arizona Region and the Arizona Border Region during his first season. The following season, he won first place in both regions in STX open. He won Pro class in our region's 2004 summer series, including 2 top PAX's. He finished first at the Phoenix and San Diego national tour events, and was undefeated in five Pro Solo events in 2004, including the Finale.

Future racing plans? A different car or class in Solo 2, maybe. Or shifter cart racing, or the Spec Miata circuit, or whatever. Other hobbies include spending weekends on the sand dunes of southern California and on the cinders near Flagstaff, running his dirtbikes and his off-road Jeep. Josh does some non-automotive things, as well. Cowboy action shooting competitions, for example, which he does with his wife Amber and his father-in-law. Those timed events involve shooting at combinations of targets using combinations of 1800's-replica single-action pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

While his work for our club as been somewhat limited (as he himself says), Josh actively assists other competitors, providing advice on tires, setup, and driving techniques. He was one of the instructors at the Drivers' School in December.

Josh works for Discount Tire Company as their Vehicle Applications Specialist. He gathers information and measurements on all vehicle makes and models as well as all the wheel and tire products that Discount Tire carries, incorporating them into the fitment guide used by the 500+ Discount Tire stores across the country. And he's a technical advisor to Discount Tire's legal, operations, purchasing, and IT departments.

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