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Kim Kemper

Driver Profile: Kim Kemper

by Mike Driscoll


ARIZONA REGION – Kim Kemper is a product of Ohio. He was born in Cincinnati, but grew mainly in the Dayton area. College was at the University of Dayton. After that, postgraduate work at the Cincinnati College of Law.

He's worked at a series of jobs in Indiana, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix, which he describes as his "current stop on the job front." Kim's the vice president for the Shared Services Organization within Henkel North America (Henkel is a German firm), and is currently assigned to Dial Corporation.

Kim has always had a strong interest in cars. So much so that he misrepresented – that's lawyer-speak for "lied about" – his age in order to take a driver's education class in high school. (He'd like you to know that he was old enough by the time the class had ended.)

Kim has owned a variety of cars: Pontiac Firebird, Miata, 280Z. In recent years a series of Corvettes: 1985, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2006, all of them red, which might explain the hat.

For years, Kim enjoyed concours, show-and-shines, and rallys. The only remnant of his concours past is "the occasional urge to protect paint" by helping to sweep or blow stones off our autocross courses.

About ten years ago, a friend in the midwest introduced him to historic auto racing, where the friend was running a 1966 corvette in the Rolex series. The same friend introduced Kim to autocrossing, which ultimately led to participation in Arizona Region events. He's been doing well, driving his Corvettes to several trophies in ST1 and then in SS. (He competed alone in 2006, in ASP.)

photo Besides SCCA events, Kim has also participated in a couple of Corvette clubs, both in the midwest and here in Arizona. Some friends and he are currently organizing a local club, Arizona Competition Corvettes, that will be focused primarily on competitive events.

His daughter, Kat, drove go-karts in SCCA events when they lived in Salt Lake City. She also enters local events on occasion, a head-to-head competition that they both enjoy. Kim complains or boasts (it's unclear which verb is more appropriate) that she is a much better natural driver than he is.

Kim is one of those people who pitch in whenever the opportunity arises, so you'll see him doing "this and that" at our events. He qualified as a Solo Safety Steward this past year, so is doing that in 2007 as well.

His hobbies outside of automotive sports include some common ones within the autocross community: tennis and photography. Kim and his wife Ellen have three children: Kyle is married and living in Utah and the twins are juniors in college, Joel at ASU and Kat at UA.

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