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Doug Rowse

Driver Profile: Doug Rowse

by Mike Driscoll


ARIZONA REGION – Doug Rowse was born and raised. In Maryland. Annapolis, to be specific. He began racing at an early age, "crewing" for his dad's racing yacht before he could walk. He competed at soccer and lacrosse during his teens and well into his twenties, at both college and club levels. College at Boston University and a few years at the University of Maryland led to his degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

College included two years in an SAE program working on solar-powered cars and a couple of different hybrid-electric vehicles. He was the program manager for a million-dollar hybrid-electric competition with DOE/USCAR/DARPA, building an 80-mpg gas-electric on a Dodge Intrepid platform. He came to the Valley of the Sun in 1996, hired by Allied Signal as aerospace design engineer, and still works for Honeywell as a Six Sigma BlackBelt in their Velocity Product Design group.

Doug has always been interested in cars, more from an engineering point of view than any other. He had a friend in high school who autocrossed, but didn't get into it himself at that time. He also had some fun with a 4x4 Jeep Cherokee in college, once some buddies started working for Land Rover. He led the car projects in college partly because the project manager earned the honor of being the car's only driver. But during the autocross portion of competitions, he stepped aside to allow a teammate with more experience to get the best results possible for the car.

He got back to autocrossing himself, here in Arizona, once, after buying a '91 Acura Integra from his mom. He got really interested when he bought his '03 BMW 330i. But lately he's been competing in Elliot Speidell's '04 Mazda RX-8, and doing time-only runs in any car made available to him.

He took first in NV2 in Fall 2004, driving the BMW, and a couple of uncontested firsts in DS Open after that. Then fifth place in SPM last summer. Beyond the local scene, he co-drove Brad Owen's Mazda Miata at the Denver Tour and ProSolo last August, and co-drove Elliot Speidell's RX-8 at the San Diego Tour and El Toro ProSolo this March. Brad and Elliot trust Doug to reciprocate when he wins a big lottery and has a real Audi R8 to climb into.

But there are hobbies other than autocrossing, even outdoor hobbies other than autocrossing. Doug is into several of them: mountaineering, surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, Samson, time trials. Samson is a dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback adopted from fellow autocrosser Kevin Cote. Not a hobby exactly, but Doug and Sarah are afraid to upset Samson by taking him off their hobby list. After all, Samson weighs over 70 pounds.

Doug's been an instructor for three of the club's driver's schools, and has helped at recent events with Dawn Maxwell's novice instruction program. He loves working with the new folks and helping them improve their times. Doug is also one of our club's two assistant course designers, and has served on the Steering Committee for almost a year. He branched out recently by covering April's competition event for the Pylon Press.

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