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Kris Castner

Driver Profile: Kris Castner

by Mike Driscoll


ARIZONA REGION – Kris Castner is almost an Arizona native. He was born in Idaho Falls ID, but the family moved to Arizona at age 2. At age 17 (having tired of in-land life, apparently), he went to Hawaii, where he worked a few odd jobs on the island of Oahu. He and his family returned to Arizona in 1996 in order to help his elderly grandparents.

Becoming interested in cars was a slower and later process for Kris than for most autocrossers. He started about ten years ago with an interest in RC cars, which he raced in regional competitions, occasionally finishing in second or third place. He started paying real attention to real cars about five years ago.

Kris drives a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS. He speaks highly of the friendly and inviting atmosphere at our events. (Something he contributes to himself, by the way.) His first autocross runs were as a passenger in another Impreza RS, one driven by Bud Caldwell. Kris began competing (in NV3) during the summer of 2002. Geren Smith, yet another Impreza owner (but a WRX Sti this time), soon became something of a mentor.

After his novice days, Kris spent several years in STS Open, where he took first place during the Fall 2004 series. Then it was STX Open for summer and fall of 2005, and DSP Open for spring 2006. He's spent fall 2006 and spring 2007 in SM Open. His work schedule has kept him from competition at divisional or national levels. But he anticipates doing that once he has his Impreza, which he describes as "a work in progress," a bit more dialed in.

Kris is not just a competitor at our events. He's one of the people who make our events happen, by working On-Site Registration. He enjoys working early morning (and late morning, too), because it allows him to "participate and enjoy watching the rest of the event."

Kris works for Hunter Contracting driving a 36-foot fuel/service truck. His days are filled by his job, by typical maintenance tasks around car & home, and – especially – by his wife Shalimar-Joy, his son Kris Jr. (who says he's "8, almost 9"), and his daughter Kristen (who's 7).

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