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Larry and Mitzi Burrow

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Larry and Mitzi Burrow (aka Double Trouble)

by Dave Lahey


Way back when, Larry joined a friend in high school for road rallies and was pit crew for autocross events, but never had a chance to drive. This same friend came to town in the summer of ’06 and they got to reminiscing about the old days over a few brews. Larry looked into the local autocross scene and "caught the bug." He started out in his daily driver in the 2006 Fall Series, with Mitzi joining in for the 2007 spring season.

Larry’s other passion is fishing, and Mitzi loves being on the ocean, preparing and eating the fish! They own a 1976 28’ Skipjack cabin cruiser with twin Chevy 305 I/Os. They purchased the boat a few years back and have overhauled the cabin interior and installed a plumbed head (Mitz’s Christmas present). Larry has done significant work on the original engines to keep them going. He dreams of new diesel Volvos; a retirement goal. The boat came with the name Double Trouble which suits it and its owners nicely, especially in 4 foot seas, wind blowing, a couple hundred yards off the cliffs of Catalina with both engines dead-in-the-water. Nice to have an engineer on board that can, under duress, run the fuel pump lines from the engine without a water pump over to the other engine that has a broken fuel pump!

Larry is a Southern California boy, originally born in NY, but moved as a toddler. He grew up in Camarillo, CA and went to college at UC Santa Barbara where he met Mitzi in his senior year. He followed in his dad’s footsteps and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1978. He has been primarily in the force measurement industry since gradating from college. He spent a couple of years working in the valve industry in Reno doing stress analysis on valve bodies. He is currently a project engineer/manager for Interface in the Scottsdale Airpark. He designs load cells (force transducers) for devices that weigh anything from diamonds to airplanes. The products are used extensively in the automotive industry for test and measurement purposes. They are also used for testing shock absorbers with a shock dyno, as well as in material testing machines. He also designs and builds torque transducers used for both static and dynamic measurements on things like engines (piston and jet), transmissions and differentials. He has extensive use of CAD, finite element analysis for stress, experimental stress analysis using strain gauges, and one of his current projects is a part for a robot that goes down oil wells.

Mitzi was born in SoCal and moved to Lanai, Hawaii before starting elementary school, then spent 5 years in La Ceiba, Honduras, a year in boarding school in the SF Bay area, and back to Lanai to graduate from high school. The family moved on to Thailand and Mitzi went off to UC Santa Barbara. No, she is not an Army or Navy brat, but rather, a pineapple brat! (Her dad was a plantation manager for Dole.) She graduated with a BS degree in Computer Science and married Larry 2 weeks after her last final (December 1980).

Their son Jeff is currently a freshman at UofA. He is a physiology major with a goal toward to medical school. He made the Dean’s List his first semester, has a serious girlfriend, and has joined a triathlon team; busy guy! You may have seen him during a couple of practice events driving dad’s VW TDI through the course; stereo blasting, and grinning ear-to-ear.

Larry and Mitzi also have a pair of "Labradoodles," 3 year old litter-mates Argos and Bacchus. If you want to hear some entertaining stories just ask them about this pair of non shedding, hypoallergenic dogs (or let sleeping dogs lie?). They are a first-generation cross between a cream standard poodle and a yellow lab resulted in a wire-haired lab (devoted and fun loving) and a silky poodle (neurotic and needy).

"Mitz and Lar" worked in Orange County for their first 15 years of married life, then followed Mitzi’s job to Reno, Nevada. She worked there as IT Manager and software developer for a construction equipment replacement parts company until they were bought and merged with a company in Florida. This prompted the move to Arizona, where Lar took a job in Scottsdale. They settled in Fountain Hills, partly for the schools and partly for it’s "out of the way" feel. Mitz now works as a software and business analysis/programmer for a software company out of Michigan that provides applications for county property appraisal and tax levy. She is part of the implementation team and travels to the client sites across the US assisting in the legacy data conversion and start-up.

Larry is a “car guy” from his first car Daffney, a 1962 Renault Dauphine hand-me-down through father, sister and brother. He then purchased a 1966 Datsun Fairlady convertible with money from his first job, digging ditches. Blew out and rebuilt the transmission; never quite sounded the same but worked. His next very-used car purchase was a ’72 Chevy Vega; Chevy’s first venture into an aluminum engine. Lost the pistons, sleeved and rebuilt that engine and has sworn off Chevys ever since (except for the boat). His first new car was a ’78 Triumph TR7, broke off the oil sensor driving down an LA freeway and rebuilt that engine on the kitchen table of Larry and Mitzi’s first apartment. From there a ’82 Celica hatch back, then to a 1985 5.0 Mustang, 1986 Bronco, ’96 Dodge Ram 1500 (now Jeff’s), Dodge Dakota, ’01 Dodge Durango (now Mitz’s), ‘03 VW Bug TDI (current daily driver), and the infamous 1987 BMW 325is. With a limited budget for their new hobby, they found this old Beamer in December ’06 and got it running for part of the Spring Series. They made a valiant effort to get the car up-to-snuff for autocrossing, and did pretty much everything short of replacing the engine. With both of them improving and feeling it was time to move up a step, they found their newest toy, the 1999 10AE Miata.

Mitz was able to pick up the novice ladies 1st Place trophy for the Spring Series ’07. Once Larry was convinced that the drivers were finally better than the car was, he set his mind on a ’99 10AE Miata. While Mitz was traveling he found one in Las Vegas and made arrangements to pick it up. This is fair because Mitzi tends to purchase furniture and major appliances while Larry is out of town. The car has now been to two events and the team’s PAX numbers are rising; looking for their first 900 PAX scores. These are most likely not too far off, as "Team Double Trouble" is enjoying the AZSolo events and the camaraderie with the club members and event participants. They have travelled to a couple of events in Sierra Vista, some Tucson events and are planning on Flagstaff this year. They are heading to San Diego for the National Tour event and looking forward to trying out some R tires.


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