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Rick Paradis

Driver Profile: Rick Paradis

by Dave Lahey



Rick Paradis was born in Hartford, Connecticut and has lived in Arizona for 38 years. He is an NAU graduate, and has been an Insurance Claims Adjuster & Auto Technician for the last 19 years. He is also an I-CAR certified technician, and a happy smiling face serving as our Assistant Equipment Chief. Rick shows up WAY EARLY in the morning to help out Kevin Venisnik fetch the truck and trailer and get things set up for our events. He even does this on mornings when he has other things scheduled and is not going to be running the event that day! Outstanding! People may not know how much work that truly is, but we all sure do appreciate it!
Rick is married, and he and his wife Mary have a son Andrew, 7 yrs. young. Rick volunteers with his son's soccer club, which keeps him pretty busy most weekends. He also does a lot of hiking, and obviously keeps himself in tiptop shape! Besides that, keeping up with a 7 year old has to have its cardio-vascular advantages as well!
Rick has been into model railroading for the last 20 years, and I would suspect there is an entire room in the house devoted to some sort of extravagant layout. You can bet that it is 7 yr. old Andrew's favorite room! Can't you just picture them both with their engineer hats and striped overalls, and Andrew beaming and giving an enthusiastic "Toot, toot!" now and then? Too cute! I'd even bet there is an autocross course set up in there somewhere, or at the least a few Hondas parked.
Rick was exposed to Auto-X with the Arizona S2000 Club, and has been running when time permits since 2004. He is the proud owner of a 2006 Honda S2000 and also has a 2003 Civic Si. He won the Spring Series 2005 NV2 2nd place trophy.
Rumor has it that he is selling the S2000, however, so has been running this lovely white Civic lately:
And Rick has what is probably the coolest personalized license plate in the state! Check THIS one out!
We are all envious, Rick! Too cool.
Thanks for all your hard work and efforts, buddy! We truly appreciate it.
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