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George Sklyarevskiy

Driver Profile: George Skliarevskiy

by Dave Lahey



George was born in Russia (it was still the USSR back then) in the suburbs of Moscow. When all the "crazy things" began to happen and the USSR was broken up ("which was an 'exciting' time with tanks in Moscow and all other kinds of crazy stuff"), he was about 16, and George realized that if he didn't get out of "Mother Russia," he would get drafted into the army, which he didn't consider a viable option. At that point he decided to get out, and at that time his Mom lived in Arizona, so he made the move and ended up in Sunny Arizona.

George has been in Arizona for a little over seven years now, and absolutely loves it here! "There will always be complainers about the summer, but considering the option of living in sub-zero winter regions, I'll pick Arizona summers (I've been to those winter regions and it is not fun)."

Since he can first remember, George loved cars and everything related to them. But unlike some guys, he really enjoys driving them, instead of putting some crazy stereo and video system in and going to shows. "Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but it is just not my first choice." He is a driver, not a poser!

George got "sucked in" into the autocross world when he bought his "wonderful black Mazda 6" several years ago. Even though some people called it a "pig," he really enjoyed driving it in the autocross events and still thinks that it is a very capable car in the right hands. He signed up for one of our Driver Schools, and says "Thanks to Dave for teaching me some basics." But after a while he just couldn't take front wheel drive anymore and switched to a pretty blue RX-8.

Taking advantage of the wealth of car and driver knowledge available at our events, he says "Thanks to Elliot for the pointers on how to drive [the Rx8] to the limit. Sometimes, I still feel like on the first day I got it, what great ride it is!" Anyone who has been paying attention to the results lately can plainly see that George has taken to his new ride like a fish to water, and has been dominating the ST1 class. "Even though I got some trophies in the past, that number one in ST1 keeps escaping me (Thanks to Britt in the fall of '07). It seems I've got a pretty good chance of finally taking the win this season, though, unless Chad spoils my party." Update: George won the Spring Series in ST1 for 2008 in a runaway!


As for activities outside autocrossing, he says, "I graduated from ASU with a degree in accounting in 2006 and work as a cost accountant for Alcoa. I am really proud to work for a company that makes parts for airplanes, and also found out that some of the aluminum parts in my car are made by Alcoa, which is kind of exciting. When the summer comes it will be time for me to go back to school for an MBA, so bye bye free time and friends. But what can you do."

Well George, save your Sundays for events at Firebird so that you can continue to whoop up on the ST1 guys! You can always study other times, right? And just as long as some new hotshoe doesn't come along to spoil your fun, it just might be time to invest in a set of shelves for all those trophies you will be collecting!

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