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Tim Bergstrom

Driver Profile: Tim Bergstrom

by Dave Lahey


Tim grew up in Laramie, Wyoming. His dad was a professor at the University of Wyoming, and the rest of his family still lives in the Sheridan, WY area. He works as a motorcycle mechanic at Town & Country Motorsports, and has been there 20 years. His girlfriend Maria "is a good sport" about the time he spends autocrossing and doing car preparation, and she often attends events. Outside autocrossing, Maria and Tim are movie buffs and Phoenix Suns basketball fans, and they enjoy music and trying out new restaurants.

Tim says he has always been interested in cars, but the competition bug bit first with motorcycles. He started racing motocross at age 14 at local events, and by the age of 16, had scraped up enough money for a 1963 Ford Stepside pickup as a hauler. This allowed he and his friends to travel to Colorado to race on better tracks and with better competition. He continued to motocross till about age 21, when he had a pretty bad mishap and broke his back in a couple of places.

While recovering from the injury, he was doing a lot of street riding and some of his motocross buddies who had started road racing suggested he try that. Once he healed up, he gave it a try and was hooked! "This was what I wanted to do; no dust, more speed, and you could drag a knee!" This is part of how he came to Arizona in 1982.

Tim went to MMI to work on bikes "thinking in my misguided youth that it would bring me closer to my goal of being a professional racer." He did well at the local level with numerous class championships in the Lightweight, Superbike, and Formula 3 divisions, and one year, was undefeated for an entire season!

He landed a couple of rides on endurance teams with limited National schedules. "Our best finish at a National, with the pro teams, was 3rd here at Firebird (home track advantage?)." He came to realize that a fast local racer is normally midpack at the National level in endurance racing (and autocrossing as well, as many know), and traveling was expensive. He also learned what a bad idea it is to fund racing on credit! Roadracing was becoming more expensive to stay competitive and the writing was on the wall; retire or go broke!

Tim dabbled in several other motor sports before he came to autocross. He tried desert racing with the ADRA and Best in Desert in Nevada. He won an ADRA season championship on a Honda CR-500 set up for desert racing, and he also tried his hand at jet ski racing for a season. In 30 years of a mixed bag of motor sports, he had never competed on 4 wheels!

Tim says he has always been a fan of Formula 1 and Sports Car racing, and the World Rally Championship. He knew he still had a competitive desire, and wanted to find something affordable, fun, and above all, safe! He knew a little bit about autocross, and thought it sounded like fun, so he came out to an event to watch one day, and then decided to give it a shot. His first event was "a rainy day at PIR in the winter of 2005" in his Dodge Neon, and admits: "I was hooked! I don't think I have missed an event since!"

Tim still has the '96 Neon as well as a 2003 M3. He has run the M3 in Street Mod since 2006, "where Dave Young (in a silver M3) is pretty much 'The Man,' and the battle is normally for 2nd place." The Neon, he uses in the STS class, and it is being developing primarily for use in Tucson, due to the huge difference in tire and travel cost. He won the 2007 STS Summer series by a "very narrow" 1 point margin over Manfred "yeah, it's an automatic" Reysser.

Tim has been helping out Kevin Venisnik with teardown after the events, and says, "I'm happy to help out with whatever I can, as it seems only a few people devote so much time so we can have fun. I have never met a better group of people in any sport, and so many people have helped me with my development as a driver (or at least tried)! It's like a big family and it's great to be part of it!"

And it's great to have Tim as part of our "family." It truly is a great group of folks, and we celebrate those who put in the extra time and energy to make our events go smoothly. Thanks, Tim, and welcome! We appreciate your extra efforts as well!

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