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The Flagstaff Crew

Driver Profile: The Flagstaff Crew

by Dave Lahey and Clinton Campbell



A few years back, in 2006, Ryan Sotak had frequented quite a few Phoenix autocross events, and started looking around in Flagstaff, where he lived at the time, for a suitable site to have some events in the summer. He found some other people up there to help and got hold of NAU about using one of their parking lots. The Cactus Corvair Club had previously used the lot next to the sports arena, but Ryan found that they could use the lot nearer the freeway, which was larger and more suitable for autocross (P62 and P62A on the map. P62B used for parking). The troops were summoned, dates were secured, and the Flagstaff chapter of SCCA was formed and up and running!
That first year, Ryan, Mark and Jason Alger, Joe Cook, Justin Markowicz and others put on their first events and summer series, which were attended not only by folks from Flagstaff, but brought a few folks up from Phoenix, happy to escape the heat of the Valley of the way too darn hot Sun. There were teething pains and a lot of learning to be done, but each event got better and better! Ryan eventually moved to Colorado, but thanks to the efforts of others, the summer series has continued, and a devoted crew of hard-working folks and Phoenician regulars have been attending the two-day events for the last three years. Their current officers are as follows:
  • President...Justin Markiewicz
  • Event Chair...Chris Schildgen
  • Chief Solo Safety Steward...Mark Alger
  • Course design & SSS...Jason Alger
  • Registration...Kelly & Darrin Blackman
  • Worker Chief...Brent Crosser
  • Chief of Tech...Clinton Campbell
  • Special thanks & support...Brian Lenihan, Ryan Mandino and Dallas Johnson
Extra Special Thanks go out to Brent Crosser of NAPA auto parts for endless support above and beyond, "without whom we would have no club," Jim Cullen of Niles Radio for use of the PA system, the local Flagstaff Lions Club for the great lunches (hot dogs and beer boiled brats - oh yeah!!), Steve Ashcraft "for getting our timing up to the 21st century," Bev Sattler for the SSS classes and support, and finally to all the participants "without whom we would not have these events!!"
Not only is it a nice break from the summer heat for those in the lower elevations, but an opportunity for many locals from Flagstaff to come out and enjoy our sport. There have been some fine courses laid out, despite the smallish lot smattered with a few light poles and a drainage ditch. The events run smoothly, and are fun, challenging, and a great time for those who regularly attend. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and other support facilities nearby, and the climate is superb for us lowlanders to enjoy. Besides, who could pass up an opportunity to get out of the heat and up into the pines for a weekend of autocrossing four months out of the year? It's just great!
So, next year, think about attending some or all of the summer series up in Flagstaff. How often can you get 25-30 runs in a two day weekend, along with the comraderie and friendliness that the host club shares. The tremendous efforts of these folks make for a great time for all, and the bratwurst lunches alone are worth the trip! Also of note is the fact that the lot has to be swept of all chalk lines and the parking spaces repainted at the end of each day. The club currently has to store their equipment, so the NAPA truck shows up each morning, unloads and setup takes place, and then that cleanup and repaint. These folks put in one hellofa weekend to provide us with such a great time, and deserve our support and sincere thanks for all their hard work.
Oh, and one last thing: There is talk of events being held in Taylor, Arizona at the Northern Arizona Training Center next year, which is a facility for police and emergency vehicle drivers. There will be further news about this as it becomes available, so be sure to watch the Flagstaff Forum for updates and news! For more information, registration, results, and other news check out the Flag Solo website.


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