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2008 National Champions

Driver Profile: 2008 National Champions

The Arizona Region congratulates all of the drivers who made the trip to Topeka for the Pro Solo Finals and the Solo Nationals. This year, THREE Arizona drivers are coming home best in the country in their categories. Congratulations to:

Brian Peters: 1st Place, CSP - A long sought-after championship for one of our hardest working and most dedicated autocrossers. Here's to Brian for his long-overdue win in Topeka. Brian officially has NOTHING to complain about for at least a year!

Doug Rowse: 1st Place, DSP - Doug hit the national scene last year and flirted with a championship, then returned this year to show his performance was no fluke. Bringing home "The Jacket" this time, Huge Congratulations, Doug!

Fred Zust: 1st Place, XP - Fred showed what pure determination, stick-to-it-iveness, and balls-to-the-wall driving can do. Contratulations, Fred!

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Several other drivers from Arizona were in Topeka. Congratulations to Tage Evanson, Dave Rock, Larry Petrucci, Jay Balducci, Elliot Spiedell, Jim Rohn, Brady Dohrmann, Francis Miller, Frank Adams, Diane Deanovic, Mark Huffman, Daisy Huffman, Dan Hawrylkiw, Dave Webb, Mindi Cross, Brad Owen, and Ted Lewis for making the trip. Here is how they faired:

B Stock - 1st, Jason Isley (Honorary Arizonan)

B Stock Ladies - 2nd, Jennifer Isley (Honorary Arizonan)

G Stock - 8th, David Webb (one spot out of the trophies)

G Stock Ladies - 2nd Mindi Cross

F Modified - 2nd Tage Evanson

F Modified - 14th Dan Hawrylkiw

D Stock - 29th Brady Dohrmann

X Prepared Ladies - 2nd Diane Deanovic

D Modified - 2nd Mark Huffman

D Modified Ladies - 2nd Daisy Huffman

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Thanks for making us all proud and living out our autocross dreams, even vicariously!

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