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November 2008

November 9th, 2008

Event 3 of 4 for the Fall 2008 Series

by Dave Lahey

Rave reviews are pouring in over today's course. Britt Dollmeyer took last month's design, flipped it over, tweaked a little here and there, and came up with a gem that many are already requesting be run again. Comments such as "best use of the space available," "flowing yet challenging," and "super good fun," are filling the Forum over this design. The course map is, as usual, here on the right, so let's run through it:

Start out just inside the gate, and head up the middle, looking at some offsets that are going to be a bit tricky. Get through there and sweep to the left and into what looked like a slalom, but was really an 'S' turn into another sweep to the left. Continue hard left through the middle of the loop, and around the top, turning right this time, some tricky offsets near the end and through the lights. Overdrive this one, and you were toast, as many proved. But plan ahead, get it right, be patient in the right places, avoid the cones and you were rewarded with a good time, an advantage over your opponents, and bragging rights or perhaps with an the adult beverage on a bet made earlier. Many are licking their wounds, others revelling in a victory, and the rest wondering what they were thinking!

Fast time was a run-by-run shootout between Tage Evanson in Alan Wagstaffe's "2000 Superfast Dragon Thing" (2000 Legrand Dragon SR1) and Mark Huffman in his DMod Lotus, duking it out and lowering FTD by tenths and hundredths each run. Tage came out ahead with an outstanding Superfast 32.294 seconds with Mark close behind at 32.550. The next fastest car was nearly two full seconds behind, our 2008 National XP Champion Fred Zust (this month's profile) at 34.508, followed closely by another National Champ, Brian Peters at 34.537, and Alan Wagstaffe at a 34.779. In the 35 second range, Diane Deanovic drove the Frankenlotus to a 35.618, followed by Steve Eymann in his Porsche GT3 at 35.666. In the 36 second range, it was a parade of CSP runners, with Steve Ashcraft at 36.019, Mark Johnson at 36.115, Don Sattler at 36.199, Dawn Maxwell at 36.516 and Dave Lahey at 36.720, followed closely by Steve Steele at 36.787.

Flip it over to PAX standings, and you see why Mark Huffman has a closet full of National Championship jackets. Ever wondered what humble pie tastes like? Mark was serving it up today, and simply DESTROYED the field, with Brian Peters at a 980 score and Tage at 957, Fred at 952, Eymann at 942, Ashcraft at 940 and on down. Yes, these are low scores for this event, so the standings for the series are surely going to be interesting to calculate. Huffman brought his A PLUS game today and put the smack down on everyone else bigime. Think you did badly with your score today? Think again. "The Ace" showed up and demolished EVERYONE, not just you.

So, here are the results: In the Open classes, Kim Kemper got some competition today in SS from Jim Young, but the Z06 Vette had the legs on the Rx7 today. Britt Dollmeyer brought out the S2000 for some course thrashing and took AS, running alone. Birthday Boy Matt Soeffner took the CS honors with Brad Owen sporting new Hoosiers and outgunning Jeff Hancock, Larry Burrow, and Kevin Venisnik. Joe Sandoval took ES with Sean Powers MIA, andMike Rogers took the HS win, also without competition.

In CSP Open, Steve "Last Run" Ashcraft took the win over Mark "back from Singapore" Johnson, followed by Dawn Maxwell and Dave "mostly asleep at the wheel" Lahey. Jerry Carter took DP open, Alan Wagstaffe the BM win and Dave Young once again taking SM, with Larry Petrucci second, car loaner Tim Bergstrom third, and Frank Miller in the EVO in fourth. Victor Malchesky took SM2 in his CRX.

In STS, Brett Norgard drove his Integra to the win over Clinton Campbell in the Mini Cooper and Slushbox Manfred Reysser, Gary Gaither in an Accord and Josh Johnston in a 240SX. Up from Tucson, Jeff Israel (pictured) took the STX win in his Golf R32, followed by Sergio Perez in a BMW 328i, Ryan Bernholts in an '08 Civic, and Mark Osier in the large white appliance racing '87 535i. Dave Branson ran alone in STS2, and the Other Frank Miller threw the GTO around, taking the STU win.

Diane Deanovic took the PAX Ladies class with Teresa Clement (pictured) a close second, finding a clean aggressive run, then Deb Eymann, Lindsay Amato and Mitzi Burrow. Sarah Peters jumped into the CSP MX-5 and was sixth, Lynn Ashcraft seventh, making her second appearance this year, in town from New Jersey.

Mark "gotchya covered" Huffman took the PRO class win, no opposition. Brian Peters took SPM with Tage Evanson second, Fred Zust third, Steve Eymann fourth, Don Sattler in fifth, Mindi Cross sixth, and David Webb seventh. Steve Steele (pictured) was in eighth, followed by Ben Clement, and Kevin Gleaton rounding out the top ten of twenty drivers in that class.

Greg Rubenstein pulled a rabbit out from under his cap and took the ST1 over Geren Smith and perennial favorite George Sklyarevsky, third. Kevin Geiss in another Rx8 was fourth, followed by Mark Halliday, Jon Roesch, and Sharon Roberts. Mike Mah was eighth, followed by Dave Bibby and Alan Humes in a Firehawk.

Jim Rohn jumped into the Evil Audi TT and took the ST2 win over the trio of Honda Civic drivers, with Chad Mizner best of the rest, then Clint Child and Jeff Williams. Klayton Albers was fifth, followed by Evil Audi owner Kevin O'Neill, fresh from the Evolution school in Tucson, and Todd Houser (pictured) in eighth. Colleen O'Neill completed the ST sweep with the Audi, followed by Glenda Meyers in the family Mustang.

In the Novice classes, Dan Tracy tossed his '05 Subaru around for the win in NV1 with Rick Steele bringing out the first Nissan GTR many have seen in second, David Manley in an Imprezza third, and Jeff Abrams fourth in an Rx8. Jim Thompson was next, followed by Brandon Young and Scott Young, CJ Carey and Jay Ronquillo in an '06 Mazdaspeed 6. Chris Steele was good for the NV2 win in his Mini Cooper S with Michael Beiser second, Adam Vega third, and Jason Sutton fourth in a Saab 95 Aero.

Making his triumphant return to the skidpad was Travis Berry, after a hiatus to add to the family (congrats!) in his newly acquired '05 Imprezza STi. Rich Damp (pictured) was second in his 328Is with Jerome Silvers third, Clayton Saffell fourth, Victor Ramos in fifth. In the NV Ladies class, Niki Voyatzis (pictured below) thrashed her Miata into first followed by Tiffany Cline, Integra, Erin Tracy in a WRX STi and Trina Young in a Scion TC.

All in all, a great day, although a storm blew in later, washing out Time Only runs and dampening some later groups, leaving many to wonder if they should have signed up for earlier in the day. No matter, though, as Huffman put the hurt on everyone's scores, but in essence, they all count until the throwaway drop event comes into play for the series. So, plenty yet to play for, and more to come in December, including our annual Drivers' School, which features a Friday night class, then fresh in the morning for lots of seat time, then the Sunday event, number 4 of the Series, and the wrapup for the 2008 year. Who will come out where? Sure, you can read all about it here next month, but really, to be there is so much better! Besides, our annual charity is also that Sunday, so bring a gift certificate or cash donations and share in the gift of giving! Seeya then ...

Thanks to Dan Hawrilkiw for the photos featured this month. More can be found at The AZ Autocross Photos website.


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