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July 2008

July 13th, 2008

Event 2 of 3 for the 2008 Summer Series

by Dave Lahey

"It's a Damp Heat"


A cloud cover greeted folks arriving for this event, and it was cool in the morning, BUT, it was muggy. Yeah, like New England muggy! Thankfully a breeze started to blow to keep things a little cooler, but still, it was damp and yucky and the sweat started pouring out just walking to registration. Then walk the course, and you were soaked through. What the heck?

So, those of you who were enjoying cooler weather over in San Diego for the California Championship Series event, don't tell us how nice it was, okay? And we won't tell you what a great course this was, and what a great time we all had. Deal? Nah, that wouldn't be right, so we are going to brag on the event WE had today!

Britt Dollmeyer designed yet another gem, with some nice fast momentum sections, but get used to that, and suddenly there was an abrupt corner that if you didn't slow down, you were pushing farther and farther outside the good line and wasting time.

A little flick at the beginning, and a right turn entered into a loop. An offset double wall of cones and then a decreasing radius got you to another wiggle across the top of the course. Then hard to the left and into another wiggle that was more severe than the course map shows, and then a REALLY sharp left that opened up into the second lap. Get in there too hot, and push, push, push or slide, slide, slide, losing time either way. Around the loop again, and into a decreasing slalom to the finish. Lots of cones were hit in that slalom and at the finish lights, and the best crowd-pleaser finish was Kevin Venisnik, backwards!

As noted, a lot of the regular folks were out of town, but some returning faces and a couple new people filled out the 62 car field. The event ran smoothly, and everyone got 5 chances at this superb course. We were done by 11am, and the sun had come out, making for a hotter tire change after the day for those who do such things. The rain held out until later in the afternoon, so the only moisture present was fluids going in and being sweatted out, and water being sprayed onto tires to keep them cool.

Fast Time was set by Tage Evanson in Alan Wagstaff's BMod Dragon. Tage put down a smokin' 35.561 second run to put a BIG margin on the rest of the field. Dan the Man Hawrylkiw was second quickest at 37.790, followed by Alan Wagstaff with a 37.903, Ted Lewis on the new fat 13" Hoosiers at 37.929, and Steve Eymann with a 37.996 in the Porsche Gt3. Dawn Maxwell ran a 38.745 to take 6th overall, closely followed by Dave McCombs at 38.997, and Tim Bergstrom with a 39.349. Joel Shotz ran a 39.871, followed closely by Kevin Cote (pictured below) with the only other sub 40 second run in his Subie to take 10th.

PAXman was Ted Lewis, who eked out the top spot, followed closely by Eymann in the Gt3, then Britt Dollmeyer in his wicked fast STS Civic, Dan Hawrilkiw in his Elise, Dawn Maxwell in the CSP Miata, and Kevin Cote. Kevin is really getting fast in the new car, and admits that he "spent some money" to make it quicker. Dave McCombs drove the Shotz Vette to 1 point behind Kevin, followed closely by Fast Tage, and then Kevin Venisnik in his STS2 Miata, closely followed by Don Sattler and Dave Lahey in another STS2 Miata; all three ran 40.9 seconds!

So, McCombs took SS Open, and Matt Soeffner won C Stock. Sean Powers (pictured) edged out Joe Sandoval in the battle of Falken shod E Stock Miatas, and Ryan Mandino won BSP Open in his WRX. Dawn Maxwell ran alone in CSP on some used Hoosier A6s (not the fat ones just yet), and Alan Wagstaff won BM Open. Tim Bergstrom won SM Open over Frank Adams, both in BMW M3s.

The Street Tire Gang had been putting out some pretty heavy smacktalk in our Forum prior to this event, and the results were tight! Kevin Venisnik finally felt some serious pressure from Sattler and Lahey in STS2, but pulled out the win. His best run was .045 ahead of Sattler, who had .004 seconds on co-driver Lahey. Talk about CLOSE! Kris Castner joined the fray in Kevin's car, and had an impressive first showing. He was overheard to say, "I just might have to get one of these!" Steve Ashcraft brought out the trusty (and air conditioning equipped) MR2 1st Gen, and "had fun in it," though the ancient tires were not enough to keep up with the Miatas.

Greg Rubenstein won the ST1 class, with Andrew Garnham in a close 2nd in his S2000. Mike Mah in an Elise, and Rick Paradis in another Honda 2-seater, rounded out that class. The smackinest talkin' group of all, ST2, was a fight to the finish, with Chad Mizner coming out on top. Kevin O'Neill was a close 2nd, followed by Clint Child in his Integra R, and Brady Dohrmann in a Civic. Klayton Albers was next, followed by Jeff Williams, Mike Rogers, and Scott Meyers. As Scott put it, "you not only have to drive fast, but TYPE fast in this class to keep up!"

Ted Lewis won the PRO class, and Steve Eymann was Top Sportsman. Steve's 998 points barely edged out Britt Dollmeyer and Dan H., with Kevin Cote, and then Tage in 5th spot. Dave Munsey in his Porsche Boxter, edged out Ben Clement in his EVO, followed by Shotz, Rob Rockefeller in Kevin Cote STi, Justin Markiewicz in his WRX taking 10th. Justin takes the furthest distance travelled award, making the trek down from Flagstaff.

Keith Jones brought out his 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo to take the win in Novice 1, with Brian Dudo close behind in his Mazda Protege. In Novice 2, Jerry Carter put his VW Jetta in first over Bill Lewis in a Honda Civic, Adam Vega in a Honda Accord, and Nicholas Burke in a Hyundai Tiburon. In Novice 3, Arnaldo "Naz" Nazario (pictured below) put away Civic co-driver Scott Bartmann, who edged out Sergio Perez in a BMW 328i and Justin Milks in a Dodge Neon, closely followed by Mike Chadwell in another BMW, this time a '97 540Ia.

All in all, it was a great day, with a lot of REALLY close results, and another fine event. Yeah, it was hot and sticky, but there were a lot of happy faces at the end, and all home safe now, with favorite beverage in hand, sitting comfortably in the air conditioning that we all need here in the desert. Event 3 will be in August, when a lot of the regulars will be back, the thermometer most likely showing 3 figures, and with a little luck, not such a scorching day. Those that missed the event really missed out on a great time! Britt's courses are a blast! Keep 'em comin', mate!

Thanks to Rob Rockefeller and Dave Lahey for the photos featured here and on the Arizona Autocross Photos website.

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