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September 2008

September 14th, 2008

Event 1 of 4 for the 2008 Fall Series

by Dave Lahey

"Go Figure!"

While some of our top fast guys and gals are in Topeka for the Pro Solo Finals and Solo Nationals, and likely slogging around in mud and muck, getting rained on, and having a wonderful time doing it, with brethren and sistren of like mind and purpose, we here in Phoenix were treated to a fine FINE event. Yes, that big orange orb is still POURING down the heat! (Will it EVER end? GEEZ !!!) Nevertheless, many cars and drivers showed up for what turned out to be a great event!



Yet another OUTSTANDING course design by Britt Dollmeyer! A Loop with a Figure 8 in it? Brilliant! A Superb Fast, Flowing, Fun course. Thanks, Britt !!!

Roll onto the skidpad and to the start line, and time to GO! A couple little wiggles off the start and into the loop with some offsets and a pinch cone, then across the back section, then left into the figure 8. But it's not that simple. There were quite a few places where corner entry speed was critical, as too much would push you out too far, but slow down enough and you could bomb out and into the next section, such as up the middle of the figure 8 and into the loop again. Out of the 8 and to the left and to a slalom, a box, and to the finish line, and you could start breathing again!

Fast Time of the Day was Steve Eymann in his Porsche GT3 at 38.950; the only car in the 38 second range. Next was a bevy of CSP Miatas, with Don Sattler at 39.386, Steve Ashcraft only .012 behind in third, then Kevin Gleaton and Dave Lahey. Breaking up the CSP string was Dave Young in his SM M3, then Deb Eymann in the family GT3, followed by the rest of the CSP Open class; Derrick Disharoom, Dawn Maxwell and Steve Steele. Honorable Mention goes to Elliot Speidell, driving Larry Burrow's '99 10th Anniversary Miata in CS, and the last car in the 40 second range, taking 11th overall.

Flip over to the sorted PAX results, and Eymann takes the event sweep with 1000 points, then Sattler at 996 with Ashcraft, and Gleaton at 991, followed by Elliot at 988, Lahey with 985, then Britt Dollmeyer in his Honda Civic 981, Dave Young at 978, Derrick Disharoom and Dawn Maxwell at 976. Chad Mizner gets Honorable Mention this time, with a 975 in his H Stock Honda in ST2.

Here is how others faired, or "figured," if you like?

CS Open has been revived, with Kevin Venisnik (pictured) joining Matt "Black Wheels" Soeffner for a co-drive. Matt put down a 41.530 for the win, with Larry Burrow second at 42.417, and Kevin getting used to R tires, with a 44.308. Kim Kemper is waiting for someone to come play along in SS Open, but is not slacking off by any means, putting down a 41.276 to take the class. In ES Open, Sean Powers outgunned Joe Sandoval for the win. Evan Brom gook FS Open in his '02 Camaro Z28, and Mike Rogers took HS Open in his Acura RSX.

With Don Sattler (pictured) and Kevin Gleaton running Sportsman this series, Steve Ashcraft took the CSP Open win with a 996 point run at 39.399 seconds. Dave Lahey took second with a 39.825 run, followed by Derrick "Zoom-Zoom" Disharoom at 40.186, Dawn Maxwell at 40.192 (only .006? Wow!), and Steve Steele at 40.845. The CSP gang is celebrating the debut of the new FAT Hoosier 13" tire and revelling in newfound grip! There were 14 CSP cars entered in all, though many were running in other classes. Overall, Sattler was fastest, with Ashcraft second and tying on PAX. Kevin "Superfat Tire" Gleaton, still thrashing the 15" Hoosier, pulled off one clean run at 39.582, and would have been third in Open, breaking up the "Laheymobile" sweep of the top 3 spots.

Manfred "Slushbox" Reysser (pictured) took the STS Open class win over Chris Largent's Subaru and Josh Johnston in a 240SX. Jerry Carter has been doing some work on his Porsche 914, taking off weight and improving suspension setup, and scored a 932. Mister Street Mod, Dave Young ran a VERY quick 39.932 and took the win over Tim Bergstrom and Richard Mazur in that class. Jeff Israel made the trek north from Tucson and scored a fine 942 to beat Sergio Perez in STX. Frank Miller thrashed his Pontiac GTO around in STU and took that class.

Deb Eymann (pictured) took the PAX Ladies class in the family GT3 with 40.076 and 972 points, Teresa Clement giving chase in the family EVO at 42.627 and 949 points, then Kat "I love race tires!" Morill in the family '97 Miata M with 928, Lindsay Amato running "the family" CSP Miata with a 925, Mitzi Burrow in the family Miata and Lynn Ashcraft tossing an Audi Luxobeast around and rounding out the field. Lynn is here from "Back East," and this was the first drive in what is her car, actually, though she had to come to Arizona to drive it? Ah, but what a first drive, eh? Oh, and notice all the family rides here? Yes, we are a family friendly group, and we love women! Uh, perhaps I should put that another way... LOL.

As mentioned above, Steve Eymann made it a clean sweep with Fast Time and Top PAX, leaving others wondering what they have to do to get that honor (pictured!). Of course that means the Sportsman class win, with Sattler in the CSP Miata second, Gleaton in CSP third, Elliot in the Burrow's CS Miata fourth, and Britt Dollmeyer fifth. Ben Clement took sixth, followed by Sean "I love race tires too!" Morrill in the ES Miata, Kevin Cote in a Subaru, Jason Seivels in a 2000 Corvette, and Dave Munsey in his '02 Boxter S rounding out the top 10 spots.

Big surprise : George "Mister ST1" Sklyarevsky took the class in his trusty RX8 with a time of 42.793. Greg Rubenstein comes second in his WRX, running a respectable 42.857. And this is and example of how great our competitors are: Greg sent me this note when George was first misclassed, then mis-PAXed: "They used the wrong pax for his time and he will end up with 919 against my 911." Geren Smith in his new toy - an '07 Boxter S was third, followed by Jon Roesch in his Porsche Cayman S, then Don Roberts in the family S2000, Dave Bibby in a BMW Z3, Mike Mah in a Lotus Elise, and Brock Palmer in a '97 Subaru Imprezza. The ST2 guys were chasing Chad "da mize" Mizner in his '03 Civic Si, but were no match this day, as Chad's 43.463 scored 975 points to crush the field and take a 17 point lead over Jim Rohn in the family O'Neill Audi TT, Scott Meyers in Mike Rogers' Acura RSX tied on points with Clint "da man-" Child in his DSP Integra R, then Klayton Albers in his pretty blue DS 330I, and Jeff Williams in his black (of course!) HS '02 Civic. In ST Ladies, Colleen "she got game!" O'Neill put the hurt on Sharon Roberts, Lisa Folb, Glenda Meyers and Suzanne Lipke, who is probably still wondering who kept throwing those cones under her car! ;^)

In the Novice classes, Robert Smithson in an '05 EVO MR took the NV1 win over , with Erick "Cruisin'" Krewson (pictured), Jim Thompson third in a Mini Cooper S, and Brian Dudo and Todd Waugh rounding out the top 5. In NV2, David Manley drove his 2005 Subaru Imprezza to the win, followed by Adam Vega in his Honda Accord, Jason Sutton in a Saab 95 Aero, and Clayton Saffell in an '07 Mazda MX-5. In NV3, Richard Damp simply stomped the field in his '96 BMW 328Is with a 914 PAX score. A tightly knit group in the 860s were pretty far behind, but Shaun Brown in a Mazda 3, Wade Orsini in a 240SX, and David Manley in an '05 Imprezza did the best they could. Kendra Albers took the NVLadies class over Niki Voyatzis, who definitely takes the Ballerina Move of the Day award with her slidin' tank-slappin' reverse pirouette spin in the middle of the course. Nice!

The Most Balls Award for the day has to go to this brave soul, Dane "Crazy Train" Traines (left photo), who drove a pretty much bone stock VW BUG around the track, giving Mark Shaw (photo on the right) and others nostalgic memories of cars and days gone by. Yup, almost any car can compete and have fun, not just the fast cars and fast drivers! As long as it is safe and sturdy, bring out whatchya got and enjoy some kick-assphalt fun! You'll notice how many family rides are shared, along with other folks who share their cars? This is a fun, fast and friendly group, and we welcome everyone!

Then there were Time Only runs. Clearly, Steve Eymann was Da Man today, almost busting into the 37 second range, with a 38.032 and 1024 PAX. Elliot Speidell found a clean smokin' fast run of 39.863 in Kevin Gleaton's CSP Miata so the listed 1014 is subject to that change in PAX factor. Clint Child drove the Clements' EVO to a 40.485, Britt Dollmeyer at 996 and Matt Soeffner, running CS at 40.761 and 991. Derrick Disharoom also found his late-in-the-day rhythm and put down a 39.707 and 988 points. Though these are "just for fun" runs, they leave some asking "Why didn't I do this in REAL runs," exclaiming "Ah, NOW I've got it," or proclaiming "Next time, you others are toast!"

So, when some of the fast folks are away, the scores jump up, and many benefit by taking relatively high scoring September points to start the Fall Series. There is a new or renewed PAX Master and Fastest Driver of the Day, and a lot of class winners take a commanding lead. Ah, but this is only 1 of the 4 events that will make up the Series, dear friends. When the stalwart (and most likely a little damp) Nationals competitors return October 12th, things might change. Then again, they might stay the same! Will these early leads hold? Can they be overcome by better runs on better days? We'll find out! Hope to see you all out there, and more of you, as the 2008 Fall Series story continues ...

Thanks to Jason Jaffe for the photos featured this month. More can be found at Jason's Photobucket website.

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