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AZ Solo Forums _ Tucson autocross _ DNFs

Posted by: Nokones Sep 7 2019, 08:44 AM

At the Driver's meeting, is it possible to discuss what defines a DNF. On a few occasions, I have seen course workers call in DNFs when they were not truly a DNF. Two of the DNFs called on are when a car drives on the outside of a course marker (upright cone) and actually hits and knocks that cone a course worker will call that a DNF. A DNF has too be a 4 Wheel deviation around that cone in order to be a DNF. It the cone was hit, than it was not a 4 Wheel deviation thus, not a DNF.

Another DNF that I see is when a car gets loose and goes off course and passes a course marker, and turns around and goes back and renters the course before that cone and continues on is called in as a DNF.

I think at the Driver's meeting would be a great opportunity to teach the DNF rule for the workers who have never been taught the true meaning of the DNF rule.

Posted by: ChuckN3 Sep 10 2019, 05:25 PM

I agree, a quick explanation would go a long way.

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