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3 Feb 2010
Just a shout out!!

I have been watching the BO admin as well as the senate and congress and I am fed up with plan after plan after plan of how we are going to spend ourselves out of debt. They are trying it with health care reform and are promising to do anything to ram it through for the American people who don't want it. They are trying it with the enviroment and are spending us further into debt with projects that will never have the impact they promise!! (this one I know as fact personaly) And mostly they are trying it with FEAR!! Fear of no jobs for tomorrow so we HAVE TO reform the budget to allow a 1.8 trillion dollar deficit that doesn't adversely affect the economy so the US Gvnmt can grow bigger!!

Here is what I propose....STOP THE SPENDING, STOP THE POLITICS and GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY OF THE AMERICAN CITIZEN LET US REBUILD OURSELVES!!!! We don't need a broken corporation like the US GOVERNMENT trying to take over the US citizen. We need the US Gvnmt to take a time out!!!

The more government gets involved the worse things get!!

9 Sep 2009
What would you say if I gave you 11 reasons why the elections in 2010
will be the most important in the history of the United States? Read on,
and see if you see why I might tell you that!! I'd welcome any comments
on these listed reasons.

1. What if I had told you in October 2008, before the last presidential
election, that before Barack Obama's first 100 days in office, the
federal government would be in control of both the mortgage and the
banking industries? That 19 of America's largest banks would be forced
to undergo stress tests by the federal government which would determine
if they were insufficiently capitalized, so they must be supervised by
the government?
[b]Would you have said, "C'mon, that will never happen in America".[/b]

[b][b]2. What if I had told you that within Barack Obama's first 100 days in
[b]office, the federal government would be the largest shareholder in two of the[/b]
[b]US Big-Three automakers: GM, and Chrysler? That the government[/b]
[b]would kick out the CEOs of these companies and appoint hand-picked[/b]
[b]executives with zero experience in the auto industry and that executive[/b]
[b]compensation would be determined, not by a Board of Directors, but by[/b]
[b]the government?[/b][/b]

[b]Would you have said, "C'mon, that will never happen in America" .[/b]

[b][b]3. What if I had told you that Barack Obama would appoint over 30 Czars,
[b]without congressional approval, accountable only to him, not to the[/b]
[b]voters, who would have control over a wide range of US policy decisions.[/b]
[b]That there would be a Stimulus Accountability Czar, an Urban Czar, a[/b]
[b]Compensation Czar, an Iran Czar, an Auto Industry Czar, a Cyber Security[/b]
[b]Czar, an Energy Czar, a Bank Bailout Czar, and more than a dozen other[/b]
[b]government bureaucrats with unchecked regulatory powers over US domestic[/b]
[b]and foreign policy.[/b][/b]

[b]Would you have said, "C'mon, that will never happen in America ".[/b]

[b][b]4. What if I had told you that the federal deficit would be $915 billion
[b]in the first six months of the Obama presidency - with a projected[/b]
[b]annual deficit of $1.75 trillion - triple the $454.8 billion in 2008,[/b]
[b]for which the previous administration was highly criticized by Obama and[/b]
[b]his fellow Democrats. That congress would pass Obama's $3.53 trillion[/b]
[b]federal budget for fiscal 2010. That the projected deficit, over the[/b]
[b]next ten years, would be greater than $10 trillion.[/b][/b]

[b]Would you have said, "C'mon, that will never happen in America".[/b]

[b][b]5. What if I had told you that the Obama Justice Department would order
[b]FBI agents to read Miranda rights to high-value detainees captured on[/b]
[b]the battlefield and held at US military detention facilities in[/b]
[b]Afghanistan . That Obama would order the closing of the Guantanamo[/b]
[b]detention facility with no plan for the disposition of the 200-plus[/b]
[b]individuals held there. That several of the suspected terrorists at[/b]
[b]Guantanamo would be sent to live in freedom, in Bermuda, at the expense[/b]
[b]of the US government. That our returning US veterans would be labeled[/b]
[b]terrorists, and put on a watch list.[/b][/b]

[b]Would you have said, "C'mon, that will never happen in America ".[/b]

[b][b]6. What if I had told you that the federal government would seek powers
[b]to seize key companies whose failures could jeopardize the financial[/b]
[b]system. That a new regulatory agency would be proposed by Obama to[/b]
[b]control loans, credit cards, mortgage-backed securities, and other[/b]
[b]financial products offered to the public.[/b][/b]

[b]Would you have said, "C'mon, that will never happen in America".[/b]

[b][b]7. What if I had told you that Obama would travel to the Middle East,
[b]bow before the Saudi king, and repeatedly apologize for America 's past[/b]
[b]actions. That he would travel to Latin America where he would warmly[/b]
[b]greet Venezuela 's strongman Hugo Chavez and sit passively in the[/b]
[b]audience while Nicaraguan Marxist thug Daniel Ortega charged America[/b]
[b]with terrorist aggression in Central America .[/b][/b]

[b]Would you have said, "C'mon, that will never happen in America"?[/b]

[b][b]8. Okay, now what if I were to tell you that Obama wants to dismantle
[b]conservative talk radio through the imposition of a new "Fairness[/b]
[b]Doctrine." That he wants to curtail the First Amendment rights of those[/b]
[b]who may disagree with his policies via internet blogs, cable news[/b]
[b]networks, or advocacy ads. That most major network television and most[/b]
[b]newspapers will only sing his phrases like state-run media in communist[/b]

[b]Would you say, "C'mon, that will never happen in America"?[/b]

[b][b]9. What if I were to tell you that the Obama Justice Department is doing
[b]everything it can to limit your Second Amendment rights to keep and bear[/b]
[b]arms. That the federal government wants to reinstate the so-called[/b]
[b]assault weapons ban which would prohibit the sale of any type of firearm[/b]
[b]that requires the shooter to pull the trigger every time a round is[/b]
[b]fired. That Obama's Attorney General wants to eliminate the sale of[/b]
[b]virtually all handguns and ammunition, which most citizens choose for[/b]

[b]Would you say, "C'mon, that will never happen in America[/b]

[b][b]10. What if I were to tell you that the Obama plan is to eliminate
[b]states rights guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment and give the federal[/b]
[b]government sweeping new powers over policies currently under the[/b]
[b]province of local and state governments and voted on by the people. That[/b]
[b]Obama plans to control the schools, energy production, the environment,[/b]
[b]health care, and the wealth of every US citizen.[/b][/b]

[b]Would you say, "C'mon, that will never happen in America"?[/b]

[b][b]11. What if I were to tell you that the president, the courts, and the
[b]federal government have ignored the US Constitution and have seized[/b]
[b]powers which the founders of our country fought to restrict. That our[/b]
[b]last presidential election may have been our last truly free election[/b]
[b]for some time to come. That our next presidential election may look[/b]
[b]similar to the one recently held in Iran. (And may be under review by[/b]
[b]ACORN.) I know, I know what you will say.[/b][/b]

[b]That will never happen in America.[/b]

[b]If we don't do everything in our power to stop this madness in 2010, may[/b]
[b][b]God have mercy on our souls.
[/b][/b][b] Pass this on to every freedom[/b]
[b][b]loving American you can. Thank you.

9 Jan 2009
A fantastic "SHOUT OUT" to whoever designed the new look it's alot cleaner and easier to navigate 2 huge thumbs up!!!! biggrin.gif
3 Mar 2008
I'm thinking about buying an 04' WRX (non STI) and was wondering about class. I know it has a stage 1 tuning from DYNAcomp (which inclued intake cat back and BOV) and no other mods from what I can tell. What class would this car be in?
15 Dec 2007
Let me just say THANK YOU!!! to Dawn and all the instructors especially Mark Johnson for your relentless encouragement and Brad Owens for pointing out my faults and bad habits. I have gained valuable experience and knowledge, thanks to all. Thought the course was great with all the slaloms (my weekest point) I got some much needed practice in that area. I'm not sure if the pm course was shorter or if I improved by nearly 2 seconds worth, my am best was 40.1 my pm best was 38.2. It was great to see old friends and make new ones when the event is focused on analyzing and improving ones skills.

Thanks again for a great time and even better value.
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