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> Run/work order for 12/9 event
post Dec 8 2018, 10:33 AM
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Here is the Run/work order for tomorrow's event.

Dont forget BREAKFAST BURRITOS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR $5 in the morning at the Reg table

*Larry B and Daniel K, I messed up your run group/#, I will address that in the morning.

A1 Will Petersen DS NV1 C Course
A2 Justin Jose GS NV1 C Course
A3 Richard Kohn HS Open C Waiver
A4 Kaleb Chapman GS NV1 C Course
A5 Ramsey Crenshaw DS NV1 C Course
A6 Klayton Albers HS PAX1 C Starter
A7 Travis Williams SMF NV1 C Course
A8 Nate Gauthier BS NV1 C Course
A9 Nick Maxfield SSM Open C Observer
A10 Zack Hewitt DS NV1 C Course
A11 Mike Rogers HS Open C Observer
A12 Scott Urich GS Open C Course
A13 Sid Elorde STH PAX3 C Course
A14 Samuel Glantz DS NV1 C Timing
A15 Derek Tungmala DS NV1 C Course
A16 Carl Pestka ES NV1 C Course
A17 Ron Barbala AS PAX1 C Course
A18 Logan Kunkel STU NV3 C Course
A19 Rick Connolly SMF NV1 C Course
A20 Craig Borger STU PAX3 C Course
A21 Brit Chamberlain STU NV3 C Observer
A22 Todd Hare AS Open C Equipment Setup
A23 Gavin Hart ES NV1 C Course
A24 Robert Miller SM NV2 C Course
A25 Derek Petersen ES NV1 C Course
A26 Chris Niemeyer AS NV1 C Course
A27 Shawna Scott CAM-S PAXL C Course

B1 Nick Sloan GS PAX1 D Course
B2 Michael Mcnulty SSC Open D Course
B3 Ken Orgeron FS PAX1 D Course
B4 Mathew Leon CAM-T Open D Course
B5 Lance Hamilton CAM-T Open D Tech
B6 Matthew Edwards STS Open D Course
B7 Emily Edwards GS NVL D Course
B8 Ryan Hart CS NV1 D Course
B9 Bryan Smith BSP PAX2 D Course
B10 Steve Strickstein DS Open D Tech
B11 Marchell Fletcher AS Open D Observer
B12 Matthew Mcnulty SSC Open D Course
B13 Wiggy Greacen CAM-C SPM D Solo Safety Steward
B14 Jeff Wilke AS Open D Observer
B15 Jim Shepard STR NV3 D Course
B16 Dave Hurt CSP Open D Co-Director
B17 Richard lee Grassmick CAM-C NV3 D Scoreboard
B18 William Hart CS TNT D Announcer
B19 Cameron Bolton ESP NV2 D Course
B20 Chris Steele DS Open D Chief of Tech
B21 Scott Meyers HS Open D Grid
B22 Myers Herron SSC Open D Observer
B23 Chuck Hanson FS PAX1 D Course
B24 Thomas Tkacik CSP Open D Course
B25 Parker Williams DS Open D Course
B26 Alex Pankau CP PAX2 D Timing
B27 Skyler Hagg SM NV1 D Timing

C1 Kevin Rasmussen SM PAX1 A Course
C2 Sean Shepard STR NV3 A Course
C3 Jeff Williams CAM-S PAX3 A Chief of Timing & Scoring
C4 James Frink DS PAX1 A Course
C5 Aaron Chiandet STX Open A Course
C6 Ken Gerard KM Open A Course
C7 Tim Edwards FS NV1 A Course
C8 Todd Anderson HS Open A Timing
C9 Dennis Riehle ESP SPM A Course
C10 Elena Adams HS NVL A Course
C11 Kevin Venisnik CSP PAX2 A Director
C12 Lindsay Maxfield STR PAXL A Course
C13 Dave Maxfield SSM Open A Waiver
C14 Mark Huffman DM SPM A Starter
C15 Timothy Havelka STR NV3 A Course
C16 Justin Gagen GS Open A Course
C17 Bruce Hanson XP SPM A Course
C18 Scot Spiewak AS PAX1 A Scoreboard
C19 Jeff Bandes BS SPM A Chief of Novices
C20 James Boller CAM-S PAX3 A Site Liason
C21 Steve Ashcraft CSP Open A Solo Safety Steward
C22 Martin Lippincott ES NV1 A Course
C23 Brian Miller SS Open A Timing
C24 Steve Eymann SS SPM A Announcer
C25 Dave Young BS Open A Course
C26 Sean Dickinson AS PAX1 A Observer
C27 David Fiske ASP Open A None
C28 Dustin Schertz STU PAX3 A Course
C29 Chris Markmann BSP PAX2 A Course
C30 Daniel Kevin GS Open A Chief of Workers
C31 Jon Roesch SS Open A Observer
C32 Tom Boardman ESP NV2 A Course
C33 Kathi Van der werf AS PAXL A Course
C34 Don Sattler STR PAX3 A Registration
C35 Lou Young CS PAX1 A Observer

D1 Jay Balducci BS SPM B Timing
D2 Tommy Tommerdal CAM-T Open B Course
D3 Stephen King STS Open B Grid
D4 Doug Rowse SS SPM B Course
D5 Kenneth allan Mitchell CAM-S PAX3 B Observer
D6 Matthew Ales STX SPM B Starter
D7 Jason Bucki BS SPM B Timing
D8 Benjamin Zukowski CAM-S PAX3 B Course
D9 Phillip Niekamp STR NV2 B Waiver
D10 Tanner Yost CAM-T NV2 B Course
D11 Derek Bailey DS Open B Treasurer
D12 Faith Hare AS PAXL B On Site Registration
D13 Larry Burrow CSP PAX2 B Waiver
D14 Martin Brennan SM Open B Course
D15 Jonathan Herold STH PAX2 B Course
D16 Preston Hampton ES NV1 B Course
D18 Brian Prieve ES Open B Course
D19 Chris Groppi STX Open B Observer
D20 Matthew Underhill HS Open B Scoreboard
D26 Joshua Mahoney STS Open B Observer
D27 David Webb STX SPM B Course
D28 Gary Luttrell GS Open B Course
D29 Tim Toft GS NV1 B Course
D30 Jim Allen STR PAX3 B Course
D32 Tim Bergstrom CSP PAX2 B Chief of Equipment
D33 Justin Mathewson HS NV1 B Course
D34 Thomas Triolo STS Open B Announcer

E1 Kevin Rasmussen SM TO F Course
E2 Michael Mcnulty SSC TO F Waiver
E3 Lance Hamilton CAM-T TO F Course
E4 Gary Luttrell GS TO F Course
E5 Emily Edwards GS TO F None
E6 Matthew Ales STX TO F Starter
E7 Jason Bucki BS TO F Timing
E8 Benjamin Zukowski CAM-S TO F Course
E9 Ramsey Crenshaw DS TO F Course
E10 Travis Williams SMF TO F Course
E11 Nate Gauthier BS TO F Course
E12 Lindsay Maxfield STR TO F Course
E13 Larry Burrow CSP TO F Waiver
E14 Thomas Triolo STS TO F Announcer
E15 Justin Gagen GS TO F Course
E16 Jim Shepard STR TO F Course
E17 Bruce Hanson XP TO F Course
E18 Brian Prieve ES TO F Course
E19 Chris Groppi STX TO F Observer
E20 Matthew Underhill HS TO F Scoreboard
E21 Steve Eymann SS TO F Observer
E22 Chris Niemeyer AS TO F Course
E23 Richard lee Grassmick CAM-C TO F Observer
E24 Martin Lippincott ES TO F Course
E25 Daniel Kevin GS TO F Chief of Workers
E26 Joshua Mahoney STS TO F Observer
E27 David Webb STX TO F Course
E28 Scott Urich GS TO F None
E29 Gavin Hart ES TO F Course
E30 Jim Allen STR TO F Timing
E31 Myers Herron SSC TO F Grid
E32 Tim Bergstrom CSP TO F Chief of Equipment
E33 Wiggy Greacen CAM-C TO F Solo Safety Steward
E34 Dave Hurt CSP TO F Co-Director
E35 Todd Hare AS TO F Teardown

F1 Matthew Mcnulty SSC TO E Teardown
F2 Mathew Leon CAM-T TO E Timing
F3 Kevin Venisnik CSP TO E Director
F4 Matthew Edwards STS TO E Timing
F5 Jeff Williams CAM-S TO E Chief of Timing & Scoring
F6 Kaleb Chapman GS TO E None
F7 Bryan Smith BSP TO E Course
F8 Ryan Hart CS TO E Course
F9 Elena Adams HS TO E Course
F10 Steve Ashcraft CSP TO E Course
F11 Sean Shepard STR TO E Waiver
F12 Nick Sloan GS TO E Timing
F13 Mark Huffman DM TO E Starter
F14 Timothy Havelka STR TO E None
F15 Jeff Wilke AS TO E Observer
F16 Jay Balducci BS TO E Announcer
F17 Scot Spiewak AS TO E Scoreboard
F18 William Hart CS TO E Course
F19 Chris Markmann BSP TO E Observer
F20 Brian Miller SS TO E Observer
F21 Zack Hewitt DS TO E Course
F22 Dave Young BS TO E Observer
F23 Tommy Tommerdal CAM-T TO E Course
F24 Cameron Bolton ESP TO E Course
F25 Rick Connolly SMF TO E Course
F26 Stephen King STS TO E Grid
F27 Kathi Van der werf AS TO E Course
F28 Don Sattler STR TO E On Site Registration
F29 Doug Rowse SS TO E Course
F30 Derek Tungmala DS TO E Course
F31 Carl Pestka ES TO E Course
F32 Chuck Hanson FS TO E Course
F33 Faith Hare AS TO E On Site Registration
F34 Tom Boardman ESP TO E Course
F35 Derek Bailey DS TO E Treasurer

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1995 Nissan 240sx SE - STC
2004 Mini Cooper - STF
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