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17 Nov 2017
Yes, the 2018 Season just moved a little closer....

So, what does all this mean for you?

If you run in any Open SCCA Class, nothing changes for you. You still run heads-up against only cars in your own Class.

If you run in any of the indexed/Paxed Classes (Pax1, Sportsman, etc.), these changes can make some difference, as they affect your scored times.

(Did these very fast tonight; please check for any errors)

Actual Site where numbers are posted.....Click Here

CORRECTED A FEW KART ERRORS (Nov. 18 4:24pm). Added a time differential column too.

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16 Nov 2017
Yep, the best kept secret in town. You probably thought you had nothing to do this coming weekend.....WRONG!!!

Next to last Tucson Event of 2017 at Marana. Great weather, fantastic courses, what's not to like?

One more day to register, in case you really were out of the loop. Go HERE for any and all necessary information on how to get your entry done. Remember to bring a spouse, S/O, or friend. You'll be glad you did. cool.gif

Traffic looks very light, kind of nice. Hope to see some of you make it down. Harry, you coming? They could use an "A-1" who doesn't DNF for a change...... wink.gif

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9 Nov 2017
When all this started (Autocrossing), there were only Open Classes. No PAX Factors, no handicapping, just good old Classes. It's how I grew up into this sport.

I understand with the 50+ odd SCCA Solo Classes how that has changed the landscape. There used to be less than 20 total Classes, and there was only Stock, Street Prepared, Prepared, and Modified. BUT, I still keep results only by Class, just to see how everyone would score in a National-Level situation. Yep, only local Events have those extra Categories (PAX1, Sportsman, Etc.) to enhance your trophy chances. THIS is how you would do at a National-level event. Gives you something to shoot for.

So, what I'm sharing with you here is how I store my results. I've got them going back for years and years (and years wink.gif ). All by Class.

So, here you go. There are three pages in the PDF document (I kept Ladies separate). I'm only showing page one here as a "glimpse" of what it all looks like.

Enjoy. First the entire document with all Classes.

Attached File  17_11_05_AMPBYCLASS.pdf ( 40.48K ) Number of downloads: 37

Now the one page sample:

Attached Image
31 Oct 2017
Well, SCCA version 2017 is winding down, things seem kind of quite quiet, but don't let that fool you. They are simply ........"reloading". tongue.gif

First, the usual Class adjustments are on the horizon, where few cars get shuffled to other Classes, and some of the new "hot wheels" get placed. You'll have to read some of the SCCA Fastrack Bulletins for exact details, or wait until the 2018 Rulebook gets published. Nothing has pinged my personal radar, but then hey, I autocross a 2001 Mustang V-6 in CAM-C. I'm already way out of the loop. It's peaceful here. wink.gif

Next, there are always some PAX Factor adjustments with most classes. Some go up a little some go down a little, based upon the top cars in each Class NATIONALLY. I've not heard personably about any earth-shaking movements, but as already shared, I'm not in a position to be affected much. Those will get posted by Rick Ruth online about late December or around there. Takes some time to crunch all those numbers. And then, of course, SCCA always tosses in a few totally new classes, so then he has to pull some numbers out of his a** and take his best guess. Stay tuned.

Those changes would affect mostly any of you running the Paxed Categories that we offer (PAX1, NV1, Sportsman, Etc.). Running in Open Classes will have no effect internally on scoring. Raw times there.

I mentioned some new Classes. Yes, SCCA did not have enough Classes for y'all, so they've made more. Pretty sure we're close to 50 now.

The biggest news is the Solo Spec Coupe Classes. These are for you the 2013-16 Subaru® BRZ® and 2013-16 Scion® FR-S®. It's a lot like the Spec Miata Class in Road Racing. There are exact defined alterations that everyone must run, thus creating theoretically identical cars. It would take way too much typing to share with you here, so I will provide their spec document in PDF form.

So, there you have it. We'll finish out the year with the 2017 rules, then onward to some new and exciting changes for 2018.


Attached File  2018_Solo_Spec_Coupe_2017_10_12.pdf ( 146.6K ) Number of downloads: 33

Also, here is the June Fastrack listing many of the 2018 recommended classing changes. Side Note - If anyone wants to run a 1994-2004 Mustang V-6 in H Street next year (like I used to), I wrote a letter and had it moved from G Street. You're welcome. wink.gif All of the Fastrack Newsletters are available on the SCCA Website to anyone, not just members. They are published monthly.

Attached File  2017_06_fastrack_Solo_all_thru_June.pdf ( 328.64K ) Number of downloads: 34
8 Oct 2017
Let's play "What If". cool.gif

Pretend we were at an SCCA National-level event yesterday. There would be no "factored" or "handicapped" classes, everyone runs only by Class. SCCA Does have separate National Ladies Classes by the way.

Or, assume that everyone decided to run in only their assigned Class yesterday. No Paxed/Handicapped Classes.

This is what that would have looked like. I applied the two corrections noted on the other thread.

At any event, if you would prefer to run in your true Class, just choose the "Open" Competition Category, and you would then be scored against only cars in your own Class. But, if you have no one to run against, that's one good reason to seek other Competition options.

For your viewing enjoyment:

As a single PDF - TWO Pages: Attached File  17_10_07_AMP.pdf ( 36.21K ) Number of downloads: 22

And, page-by-page:
Attached Image
Attached Image
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