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AZ Solo Forums _ Off-Topic _ Curt Stanley

Posted by: S. Roberts Aug 8 2019, 05:28 PM

For those of you in solo-land who knew Curt Stanley......we just received a phone call from his father with the news that Curt passed away during his recovery from a surgery. A few years ago, Curt sold his house and all his weird little cars to make a move to Atlanta, Georgia.

Curt was a special car guy and the only one we knew who painted a car with spray cans of Krylon. A Corvair.

At one time - the 70's or 80's, I've forgotten exactly when -- he owned a BMW Isetta 300 with a 750 Honda motorcycle engine and brought it to an autocross on Firebird's Skid Pad #4. Since I, too, am the owner of an Isetta 300 (but with an Isetta one-cylinder BMW engine and not a Honda motorcycle engine), I was invited to be his passenger during his run. It was a bunch of laughs, until the chain broke and we skidded to a stop on course. Of course, with Curt, it was still a bunch of laughs after the chain broke. I'm sure God broke the mold when Curt appeared on earth to preserve his type forever.

Posted by: SMeyers Aug 8 2019, 06:06 PM

Curt had a way of finding those very special and unique cars that someone had built for themselves, and then moved on to another even more unique exotic car.

These were usually so special that deep within ones mind there emerged a feeling of lust and want, along the lines of "Gee, I wish I had found that first". That includes the Isetta. Can you imagine that little car with a 750 Honda in it? I'm sure it didn't corner worth a darn, but the acceleration must have been inspirational....... ohmy.gif

Curt was as unique and exotic as his many cars. "Specials" like him shall not pass our way again. It is our loss. cool.gif

(March 12, 2000 - 55 T-Bird)

Posted by: fahrvergnugen Aug 31 2019, 11:50 PM

Curt was a special guy who did not try to boast about his driving skill or car values. He was an honest person who loved motorsports. He will be missed.

But.... I am wondering if this is the reality of us old dogs in today's autocross and motorsports realm?

I like to remind myself about Paul Newman's career where he could still win at age 81.

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