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30 Jan 2013

OK, I realize these aren't the super aggressive (or, aggressive at all) autocross fitment that most of you run, but I thought I'd try this here anyway. Who knows, maybe someone needs/wants a setup for their DD. This is a fairly common size, should fit a variety of cars...

Special azsolo.com price ---> $500 for the set! SOLD

Copied and edited from my mazda6club.com FS post:

FS: Kosei K1-TS 17x7 wheels and Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec 225/45/17 tires

Wheel Specs (from Tirerack):
Size: 17x7
Offset: 50mm
Backspacing: 5.98"
Bolt Pattern: 5-114
Weight: 14.6 lbs.
Finish: Light Grey Painted

I purchased this set brand new from Tirerack about 9 or 10 months ago for something like $1400 total:

Kosei K1 TS Light Grey Painted from TireRack site, for reference

Dunlop*Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec from TireRack site, for reference

The wheels are perfect, basically brand new. Center caps and centering rings included.

I used them on and off, alternating with my stockers as the mood suited, so the tires have very little wear, maybe 6000 freeway-commute miles on them (no autocrosses dry.gif ). Using the penny method, these have well over 6/32 remaining, probably more like 8/32". So, lots of life, nearly new. These have no punctures, no plugs, etc.

The set is mounted and Hunter Road Force Balanced by Tirerack, as I received them, and Im hoping to sell them as a mounted set.


28 Sep 2010

Sucks to hear man, good luck with the insurance bastards.

28 Sep 2010
WTB OEM 94-01 Integra Springs

So I was going to run the ITR rear bar and shoot straight into ST class, but I hate the reinforcement kit I bought for it, so it will have to wait until I have the money for a full reinforcement tie bar. In the meantime, I'd like to swap back to OEM springs so I can run GS... sell me yours!

bah screw it. wouldnt be fully competitive so it doesnt really matter. ST it is.
30 Aug 2010
I'm looking at buying something in the $5k-$6k range that I can have fun autocrossing and daily drive as needed. The daily driving is somewhat less of an issue as I will have a backup vehicle.

-A 2-seater car is not a deal-breaker (backup DDer)
-I have a big dog, so a hatchback is a plus.
-I've never owned a FWD car and I wouldn't mind giving one a shot, so that's a wash.
-Not interested in pony cars.

I'm looking to keep this fairly cheap and reliable. I had myself talked into a 1991 BMW 318is. I really like the look of these cars, and this one was cosmetically immaculate. Test drove it and looked it over, and it seemed like it needed quite a bit of work suspension-wise to even bring it back to a stock-ish level (bushings, steering, arms, etc etc etc). The more I think about it the more I think it'll just be a money pit.

So, where I'm at now is I suppose the usual list (Pros and Cons are more for me at this point I guess):

1995-2001 Integra GSR for GS and eventually ST (legel here, right?).
Pros: Good handling, reliable, powerful, back seat
Cons: Nearly impossible to find unmolested, theft-prone (although I garage), oil consumption?

1991-1993 MR2 non-turbo for ES
Pros: Mid-engine, good handling, reliable, few parts needed for ES setup, pretty.
Cons: Mid-engine, nearly impossible to find unmolested, low-ish power, high-ish weight, no back seat, old.

1994-1997 Miata for ES and eventually STS/STR/etc
Pros: Great handling, had one and loved it, fun no matter what, reliable, high MPGs
Cons: Convertible, very small for a DDer, a zillion Miata autocrossers

1999-2000 Miata for CS and eventually STS/STR/etc
Pros: Great handling, newer=more comfy, fun, reliable, high MPGs, slightly bigger than NA Miata
Cons: CS tougher than ES, hard/impossible to find Sport model, still a small DDer, still a zillion Miatas out autocrossing

2002-2003 Mazda Protege5 for HS and eventually ST
Pros: Newest of the bunch, good handling for what it is, hatchback and 4 door utility, reliable, favorable classing
Cons: Slow, hard to find manual car

1999-2002 Celica GT for ST
Pros: Newer, decent MPG, back seat, reliability?
Cons: Hard to find good car in price range, reliability?

1989-1991 Civic Si for ST
Pros: Known fast in its class, light, hatchback, good MPGs, cheap parts
Cons: Impossible to find unmolested, built cars are slightly out of my price range, lemming car, DDer ability of an ST car questionable, old

1992-1995 Civic SI for ST
Pros: Still light, more room than EF Civic SI(?), cheap parts
Cons: Still impossible to find unmolested, no built cars, hatchback utility ruined by silly tailgate

1999-2000 Civic SI for HS and eventually ST(?)
Pros: Reliable, powerful, backseat, HS classing
Cons: Impossible to find unmolested, theft-prone, oil consumption?


I know someone will recommend an E36, but for me the reliability of these for a DDer is questionable...

Other thoughts, as well as corrections to the above classing and/or pros/cons are welcome.

Thanks everyone.

9 Jun 2010
So I'm sick of hearing the wife complain every time I need her to sit in the car/truck and pump the brakes when I'm bleeding and/or changing brake fluid on my vehicles. I'm looking for a better solution.

The Motive and Mityvac bleeders seem to be the most popular... what are the differences?

From what I've gathered...

The Motive pressurizes the system from the Master Cylinder. Open bleeder screw at each caliper and old fluid and air is forced from the MC out the bleeder.

The Mityvac is a hand pump that sucks the fluid out from each caliper, and it may or may not (different models) have a fluid reservoir to keep up at the MC that will siphon new fluid into the MC so it doesn't run dry.

The Motive seems simpler, but is there any potential for damage when pressurizing the system from the MC? I guess either one is pressurizing, just from different ends.

Or maybe I've got them both completely screwed up and I don't know what I'm talking about. blink.gif

Either way, please help with your experiences and recommendations on these or other similar products you've used. I know my autocross friends are well versed in the arts of brake fluid, so any help is appreciated.

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