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Playing with and enjoying cars has been a life-long adventure.
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14 Nov 2019
Better read this carefully, Harry and others up North. Good luck.

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10 Nov 2019
Yeah, this is THAT "Winning Blue" Mazda3. Never met a fence it didn't like.

Anyway, the car is straight. Damage is pretty much external. Only 98000 miles, Nevada car.

Back door dented, not displaced. Front door caught the post, needs more work, hinges needed likely, or replacing. Rocker panel dented, front fender bent when I opened the door afterward.

The bottom floorboard and pinch seam is UNTOUCHED. I could have finished my runs, but was more than a little upset and pissed. Not in the mood. Drives as straight as it ever did. Steering wheel still true.

Anyway, I don't do bodywork, and professional places wanted too much to repair. BUT, some of you out there might be better at this kind of thing.

So, it's currently ugly, has a boatload of special pieces on it, and just had in the past two months a new clutch ($1400), AC Compressor $1200), fuel pump ($1100).

Special pieces are camber plates, cat-back, CAI, Swift Springs, rear sway bar, motor mounts, adjustable Corksport shocks, and more. You know how I pamper my cars.

If anyone here is handy, and wants to end up with one heck of a good-handling car, give this a looksee.

$3500 OBO

My email is in my profile here, or PM me, or text me at ........Four Eight Zero-319-1028


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16 Oct 2019
Hey everyone, I have a Cox Tech coming tomorrow to address these issues, and want to be ready for him. My experience is that they usually try to blame to customers equipment, rather than admit the issues are on their end. I want to be fair, accurate, but also........ready. Asking for information. We have the basic Cox Contour system, not multi-room.

  1. Past 6-8 weeks the TV service has developed what I call "sound burps", momentary loss of sound for about a second. A few times each minute or so.
  2. Also there are occasional brief horizontal lines of pixal-degradation across the screen. They do not always co-exist with the sound loss.
  3. Last night three shows failed to tape (on the Cox DVR Box) completely. THAT was new. Got from 43 minutes to 9 minutes of each.
  4. This morning many Cox channels were just gone, massive pixel screen failure, Contour error messages galore. Went away after some time. Issue came back in the afternoon, again, briefly.
  5. Third call to Cox Help yielded no definitive answer or diagnosis.
  6. A Cox mini-box and TV in the other room shows none of these issues.
  7. Our "Contour-connected" TV works great using the air antenna.

So, I'm expecting the Cox Tech to blame the wiring. There are no Internet or digital phone issues, all connected to the same coax wiring.

So, anyone out there experience similar, or have a good guess what will actually be the problem? And do NOT say "Get Dish Network".

Thank you for your best experiences or guesses. cool.gif
29 Sep 2019
OK, looking forward so I can reserve the dates needed for my Autocrossing addiction.......hobby. wink.gif

Sharing with all in case you too find this info useful. beer.gif

The "Two Days of Awesome" in Tucson coming in October essentially mimics an SCCA Tour Event, except that it's here in our own backyard. Don't miss that one. cool.gif

RE-CORRECTED LIST as of October 2nd

Let me know if I missed anything else. Thx.

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26 Sep 2019
OK all of you mechanical genius's out there, let's see if you can be the one to solve this mystery. And I am serious about a nice prize.

My Tacoma has developed a braking issue, which has confused my shop of choice (where I go for those things I can't or won't do anymore). Here is a synopsis.

1998 Tacoma, 2.4 four cyl. motor, extra cab, automatic, no ABS. 220,000 miles. Has always had "decent" brakes, never stellar. Runs strong, well maintained (it's mine after all). wink.gif

Somewhat suddenly (past two weeks or so) the Tacoma has lost much braking power. Very light braking feels normal, until that last 30 feet or so. Then, just feels like the pads quit gripping. If you have to stop quickly, you can stand on the pedal with two feet, and it makes no difference. No way to lock them up. Does not pull to either side. VERY solid pedal.

About a year ago..... new front pads, new rear brake shoes, new brake vacuum booster, and now a fresh brake adjustment and flush at the shop. Master cylinder is older, but checks out. Hard pedal, no leaks.

Shop said we must have glazed the front pads, so I put another new stock set on..... no difference huh.gif . Old ones looked fine anyway.

I have no clue. Shop has no clue. facepalm.gif

Do you? ohmy.gif
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