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Full Version: LS1 Firebird Brake Pads
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Just wanted to see what some of the LS1 F-Body and Corvette guys run as far as brake pads here.

I am going to need to replace mine soon as the fronts are getting worn.

I forget what pads the previous owner said were on it, but they have always been noisy.

Any suggestions that will have good stopping power without being too noisy or expensive?
I fell like this may be one of those things where you get to pick 2.

Tony Staples
What do you want the pads to do? Since I'm in the biz, I can recommend any number of good pads, depending on what you want them to do. For example, for most street cars, where wear and noise are the highest priority, and good initial bite is important, I highly recommend the Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads, compound 105. (Centric, Posi-Quiet and Stop-Tech are all Centric brands.) These would work well for autocross and street, as you aren't going to run them hard for more than a minute or so. Ceramic pads tend to hold heat in the pad, making them ill suited for lapping purposes at a track day event. They will overheat fairly rapidly on track, and cook themselves as well as boil the fluid. But, since autocross is short duration, you can get by with these quite well, so long as you let them cool between runs. They don't have the ultimate in stopping power, compared to a street performance pad like the Stop-Tech 309 series, or the Hawk Street Race R compound, but they will be less dusty, less noisy, and will last longer.

Like I said, what do you want them to do well, and what are you willing to trade off. Price, Sustained Brake Torque, Initial Bite/Feel, Dust, Noise, and Rotor Friendliness are some of the parameters you can trade off. Give me some ide of what is most important, and I can give you a better suggestion.
AC Delco semi-metallic pads are pretty cheap... I ran them last year for a bit, they really weren't bad.
Thanks to both of you.

I had really been considering the Centric ceramic pads because they were cheap, but I couldn't really find good reviews on them nor did brake pad threads on ls forums mention them.

Glad to hear that they are good for street use and low on dust. 99.9% of this car's job is daily driver. That is why the current noisy pads bothered me.

At $70 for a full set(fronts and rears), I figured I would probably end up giving them a shot unless someone brought up some 80-90 dollar per set pads that justified the price difference.

Thanks again.
Tony Staples
The Centric Ceramics are very affordable as they are probably the highest volume pad produced in the aftermarket. They are also OEM on a number of cars. They work well for most folks for street use.
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