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Full Version: Work Station Call-outs
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I'm not sure yet exactly how to accomplish this suggestion, but I had a very frustrating weekend that could have been calmed by a simple(?) call-out from one of the course work stations.

I ended up getting 4 DNF's, every one ended up being on the same corner. But I didn't figure that out until my very last run. I asked the 3 Observers after my 2nd DNF and then after my 3rd DNF WHERE the call was being made. I got 3 different answers each time. Extremely frustrated after the 3rd DNF and still no answer as to where the call was being made from, another driver came over to me and showed me on the course map where he thought the call might have been coming from. So, on my last run, I watched very closely and I finally found out that is was the gate coming into the corner near work station #2. I still missed it and DNF'd but I finally found out.

That all being said, if there was some way for a driver to be able to come find out, at the very least, what work-station called out the DNF, before failing on the next run or the next or the next, it would eliminate some serious frustration. It's one thing if it's an obvious complete course deviation which can be seen only from outer-space, but missing a single cone makes if far more difficult to pin-point as the driver.
As a regular Observer for my work assignment, I know that I am not the only one that has ever been frustrated by not being able to even get a general idea where a DNF was called. And AS an Observer, I know it's difficult to relay that information when all we get is a call-out of, "DNF on the black Miata."

Maybe we could try something as simple as, the course worker at the station that called the DNF, calls out something like, "DNF on the red Miata at station #2."? And maybe even to go as far as being able to mark that down somewhere so the driver can come look without having to bother the Observers or scoreboard keeper.

I'm open to any other suggestions.
Usually after 1 DNF we ask if you would like an instructor to ride with you, this way he can identify where the DNF is, and/or help you drive it correctly. If this was not offered to you I do apologize, and also apologize for your frustrating weekend, we do try to make sure eveeyine has fun on the course amd will make a better effort to in the future.
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