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Mind The Cone registration is open for SV on April 7.
QUOTE (RiBS @ Mar 30 2019, 10:58 AM) *
Mind The Cone registration is open for SV on April 7.

Yeah, I registered before you posted this. That's just how good I am. cool.gif Or addicted. One of those words, anyway....... tongue.gif

Too bad that Phoenix and SV are on the same weekend. I know that can't always be avoided, but since I'd otherwise attend both, it costs one of the Clubs an entry. Or two, since I often bring Glenda. I've been coming to SV Events for over thirty years, so this was my choice. You guys will always have "first dibs".

I've been privately promised no 50' radius skidpad this time. wink.gif Will be holding you guys to that. rolleyes.gif

See y'all Sunday. beer.gif Harry too? huh.gif
Sorry, I wish.
Had lots of fun there last month, best place to play in the state.

Marchell's actual co-drive in the newly sorted and noisy red car has a wedding to go to on Saturday.
That was a fairly last minute sorta thing. She asked me, and who could say no?
Nice to see the car properly driven for a change.

I'm throwing on the 949 wheels and running STR at AMP.
Just like last time. Despite the published results.

The KVDW tires are over 2 years old and also a bit thin, so I'd have trouble doubling up with SV and driving down from AMP direct.
The tires should be prertty dead after AMP.
I was told I am also going to be gone all next week as payback for all the events I've made this spring.

You'll have to drink beer and torture my SV friends without me.
I'm confident you are up to both tasks.
No tight loop this month. It was a fun exercise, I thought, especially for people who have not been to Evolution 1 and don't have patience.
What a great day. Breakfast cookies were upgraded to muffins and donuts, and it only got better from there.

Weather was postcard perfect, and the course seemed simple enough, but the “left or right” dilemma at the first slalom was being debated well into later Groups. Other sections seemed straightforward enough, but come in even a little early for key corners and give up chunks of time.

That first box and then the final slalom into the finish had “Nationals-Quality” butt-pucker stress levels. Some made it without coneage, but some didn’t.

Finally, icing on the cake (or muffins?), we finished, packed, drove home (to Glendale) and found the results waiting for us on the computer.

Put us down now for the August date. We’ll be back! (In our best Arnold Schartzenegger voice).👍😎🍺
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