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Full Version: Cox TV Picture/Sound Issues
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Hey everyone, I have a Cox Tech coming tomorrow to address these issues, and want to be ready for him. My experience is that they usually try to blame to customers equipment, rather than admit the issues are on their end. I want to be fair, accurate, but also........ready. Asking for information. We have the basic Cox Contour system, not multi-room.

  1. Past 6-8 weeks the TV service has developed what I call "sound burps", momentary loss of sound for about a second. A few times each minute or so.
  2. Also there are occasional brief horizontal lines of pixal-degradation across the screen. They do not always co-exist with the sound loss.
  3. Last night three shows failed to tape (on the Cox DVR Box) completely. THAT was new. Got from 43 minutes to 9 minutes of each.
  4. This morning many Cox channels were just gone, massive pixel screen failure, Contour error messages galore. Went away after some time. Issue came back in the afternoon, again, briefly.
  5. Third call to Cox Help yielded no definitive answer or diagnosis.
  6. A Cox mini-box and TV in the other room shows none of these issues.
  7. Our "Contour-connected" TV works great using the air antenna.

So, I'm expecting the Cox Tech to blame the wiring. There are no Internet or digital phone issues, all connected to the same coax wiring.

So, anyone out there experience similar, or have a good guess what will actually be the problem? And do NOT say "Get Dish Network".

Thank you for your best experiences or guesses. cool.gif
Dave H
Usually, I've seen issues with the wiring or the splitters. It's possible that the coax screw connectors could have come loose. Copper does deteriorate over time, it might be worth replacing any short cables, those connectors are usually the culprit. Or you have a rodent chewing on the lines outside your house. With the rain over the last few months, water may have gotten into the line. The tech should be able to test the noise on the line at the junction box outside your house to determine where it is, if it is a problem with the line.
Id be leaning toward the DVR starting to fail. Have you rebooted it recently?
Yeah, I’m thinking DVR issues is at least part of it, and Cox has done their “special robust reboot” a number of times in past weeks, each time I’ve called. DVR about 6-7 years old.

No rodents, water issues not likely (outside box is tight), deteriorating connectors a real possibility. They are almost never disturbed or moved. New HDMI cable tried, no effect. Tightened coax DVR fitting, no effect.

Connectors all changed about 5-6 years ago.

It’s gotta be something........

Cox trying very hard to sell me their $10/month service insurance.

Is a wireless Cox Box a reality yet?🤔
I love Cox... not.
I had issues a few years ago. I added a coax cable booster. Cox chased another problem and saw my booster. "oh that is a junk booster, I will replace it with a Cox booster". Whatever. He only connected it to the TV cables and said that it should not be used on the internet line. He could not explain why tho.
My booster is connected where the cable enters the house. Maybe it would help. Can't hurt.
in my case the Cox outside box was poorly wired, tech said when the subdivision was built there was not a lot of quality control
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