Corner Captain Worker Guide

Corner Captain Worker Guide

Before each session the Corner Captain will:

  1. Unfurl the flag but hold the flag bottom to the flag stick to make it ready.
  2. Acknowledge to the observers to confirm the corner radio is working and on the correct channel.
  3. Provide the following general instructions to their corner workers on procedures and safety:
    • i. Only proceed to check or reset a cone if there appears to be sufficient time before the next car to complete the reset and return to safety. This may be after the next car passes.
    • ii. If the cone is lying on its side but should be upright, this is a penalty. If the cone is still upright but 100% out of its box, this is a penalty. If the cone is upright but still touching any part of its box, this is not a penalty, but the cone must be reset into its box.
    • iii. Pointer cones (cones normally on their side) do not count as any penalty but still must be reset.
    • iv. Explain that both observers and Corner Captains are monitoring for penalties. Therefore, upon checking a cone, if there is a penalty always raise it above your head before resetting to indicate a penalty (even if it appears obvious since it may not be obvious to both the observers and the Corner Captain). If it is not a penalty, reset the cone and then waive your arms horizontally to indicate no penalty. One or the other must be performed on every cone reset.
    • v. If near the start/finish gate, do not cross the timing lights, go around the gate to reset any cones.
    • vi. Corner worker locations are suggested safe locations. If the corner worker believes there is a safer location, with Corner Captain and SSS agreement, worker(s) may move to that other location.
    • vii. Corner workers may spread out to provide more effective coverage with the Corner Captain’s agreement.
    • viii. While resetting cones, always keep your eyes towards incoming cars. Abandon the cone reset if the next car will arrive too soon before all cones can be reset and you can safely retreat. Watch out for your fellow course worker.
    • ix. The area of safe retreat is generally to the inside of a corner and not to the outside.
    • x. A Corner Captains primary responsibilities are safety and communications, and cone resetting is performed by corner workers.
    • xi. No cell phone use while working.
      Other Corner Captain Guidelines
  4. The Corner Captain will be the operator of the corner radio and the red safety flag.
  5. Once a penalty at a station has been determined, the Corner Captain will radio the penalty with a message
    formatted like: “Corner two, one cone on the blue BRZ”. The observers should acknowledge the message
    repeat if not acknowledged.
  6. Corner Captains will monitor the oncoming drivers in relation to their corner workers and notify the worker
    to abandon a reset if a car is too close. This is a secondary safety measure to the worker’s own
    responsibility to monitor incoming cars.
  7. A Corner Captain will reset cones if sufficient workers are not available.
  8. The Corner Captain will red flag an incoming car if the captain believes a corner worker will be unable to
    retreat to safety before the arrival of the car and communicate red flag on the radio.

New Region – Become A Member Today

Next Step- How to become a Phoenix AZ Solo SCCA Region member

Dear fellow Phoenix area SCCA auto crossers, 

As we have previously communicated the SCCA Board of Directors recently met, discussed, and approved the formation of the newly formed Phoenix AZ Solo Region to conduct events in Maricopa County, AZ. Our National SCCA membership Committee has now officially completed all the needed programming to operate the new region.

What does that mean for Arizona Region members?  You have the opportunity to make a few choices regarding your membership.  Your options are as follows:

  1. Move your membership to Phoenix AZ Solo Region (Region #117) as your Region of Record. Contact SCCA Membership via either email ([email protected]) or phone 1-800-770-2055 your request (include your SCCA member number). All your future regional dues will go exclusively to support local autocross Phoenix area activities. By taking this action you will receive a new membership card reflecting your membership in the Phoenix AZ Solo Region (note your SCCA member number remains the same). 
  2. You may of course leave your membership as is, remaining a member of the Arizona Region. Note: No part of these dues will support the local autox program. 
  3. Become a dual member, having membership, and paying dues for each Region. Contact SCCA to choose this option.  

The Steering Committee is grateful to SCCA National for affording us this opportunity for the Phoenix area SCCA solo group to function as a standalone region.  It will allow us more freedom in the areas of programing, event scheduling and most importantly control of our club’s finances. Our wish and recommendation to you regarding your future membership choice, would be of course, to have you join us in support of the new region (option 1 above). 

As a Steering Committee, we thank you for your continued support, of local solo events and look forward to a continued long and successful autox program in the valley.

Most Sincerely and looking forward to seeing you all at the next solo event, your Phoenix AZ Solo Region Solo Steering Committee.

Questions or suggestions regarding any of the above? Please email Kevin at [email protected] or Kim at [email protected].

Phoenix AZ Solo Region Formation

Phoenix AZ Solo Region Formation

Dear fellow Phoenix SCCA Autox Enthusiasts:

Your Steering Committee is pleased to announce a significant change in the club’s structure. The proposed change as put forth by your Steering Committee, and submitted to the SCCA for approval, would allow the Phoenix auto cross group more needed autonomy, transparency, security and freedom in matters of both financial and policy decisions in the future.

The change is a simple one, our club is presently in the Arizona Region in combination with other SCCA motorsports groups such as the road race group. In the future, if SCCA allows the change, we would operate as an independent region to be known simply as the “Phoenix AZ Solo Region”. While the impetus for the formation of this new region is supporting autox events, this new region would also be open to other types of SCCA events provided they are viable and are done in a manner that is cooperative and not competitive with neighboring SCCA regions.

What would this proposed structural change mean to you as a member?
Great question! As far as our annual dues and event fees are concerned, little to no changes are anticipated. Event schedules, duty assignments and Steering Committee Membership would remain constant.

What then is gained by becoming more independent from the road racer and rally groups?
Simply two things, the ability to see that any SCCA regional membership money you as a member put into the region ONLY goes to our local solo program. Secondly, the decision-making process regarding club policies and practices would be made by local autocross members vs. a multi-group region. This will create more transparency into the workings of our local club. And two, to foster more member participation in the decision-making process of our club.

What do I need to do?
If the new Region is granted only a simple change with SCCA to move your region ofrecord from Arizona Region to Phoenix AZ Solo Region is needed.

More news to follow shortly on how you can help support this effort with SCCA.

Thank you and see you trackside soon!

Contact either Kevin [email protected] or Kim [email protected].   
AZ Solo Steering Committee

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