Meeting Minutes – August 2021 SC Meeting

Meeting Minutes – August 2021 SC Meeting

Minutes SC Meeting
August 12, 2021
Location – virtual

1. Update on Region

Kevin, Kim, and Rick Myers (SCCA Senior Manager, Region Development) presented an update on AZ Region and progress on ensuring the autocross program is represented at a region level. Rick confirmed that the AZ Region has agreed to a new Region formation.

2. Proposed Plan for a New Region

Kevin presented a plan to form a new Region. Reasons for the new Region were identified as (1) need to create a more transparent and accountable Region (2) need to have a more professionally run Region (3) provide protection over autocross funds and assets (4) control over and use of Region dues. Items discussed included SCCA approval process, SCCA required forms, necessary legal documents including bylaws, articles of incorporation, EIN and tax filing. Additional items covered included future elections, the continued role of the existing SC and officer/director structure of the club and for the SCCA. After the discussion a motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Kim to proceed with the creation of a new SCCA Region. Motion passed unanimously. Rick Myers pointed out that the National SCCA Board will have to approve the new Region.

3. Name of New Region

Discussed several options for the name of the proposed region. After discussion a motion by Kevin and second by Kim the name proposed was “Phoenix AZ Solo Region” with its legal name being “Phoenix AZ Solo Region, Sports Car Club of America, Incorporated.” Motion passed unanimously.

4. Appointment of SCCA Officer/Directors and Region Officer

Kim and Kevin presented a PowerPoint on a proposed list of Officers and Directors (all candidates had previously confirmed their willingness to serve in their respective roles). After discussion Lance moved and Steve Ashcraft seconded the following for SCCA Regional Officers: Kevin Venisnik as Regional Executive, Kim Kemper as Assistant Regional Executive, Steve Eymann as Treasurer, Chris Groppi as Secretary and Lance Hamilton as Membership Chair and for Phoenix AZ Solo Region (a not for profit club to be formed): Kevin Venisnik as President, Kim Kemper as Vice President, Steve Eymann as Treasurer and Chris Groppi as Secretary for the remainder of 2021 and for 2022, with elections to be held in the fall of 2022 for 2023. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Other

Discussion was held concerning a communication plan to present the new Region to the members of the AZ Region. Kim offered to reach out to Brian Miller to develop next steps and the various vehicles (i.e., Pylon Press, Forum on the AZ Solo club website and direct emails using MSR (working with Lance).

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