Meeting Minutes – Spring 2021 SC Meeting

Meeting Minutes – Spring 2021 SC Meeting

Minutes SC Meeting
March 18, 2021
location – virtual

All SC actions were unanimous

  1. 1  Vote on Assistants/Chiefs- following voted in- Craig Borger – Ass’t Course Design, Ben Zukowski -Ass’t Equipment, Kei Josephson – Chief Novices, Steve
    Ashcraft – Ass’t Timing, Chris Groppi – Ass’t SSS
  2. 2  Financials -overall in good condition, Steve presented a number of financial models for SC consideration at next SC meeting
  3. 3  SC/Chair expectations – Kevin communicated his expectations
    and a discussion of communication between Chiefs followed.
    Emphasis on ensuring the right workers are selected for key positions and communication between the chiefs regarding how their areas interact.
  4. 4  Update on Region – Kevin and Kim presented an update on the AZ region and progress is being made to ensure autocross receives a fair share of SCCA membership dues, all SC members were requested to be part of the Arizona Region
  5. 5  Pre-reg process – it was agreed that a standard list of required onsite people and
    their run group preference would be developed. In addtion, the event planning
    forum would be used again for future events and chiefs if needed would communicate any staffing shortfalls one week prior to event.
  6. 6  Fall series – it was agreed to continue to use Speedwaiver, National
    will be contacted by Faith/Kim on minor waiver process, disuse of large
    water jugs to be replaced by bottled water, SC was informed that
    majority of participants at the March event favored continuing half day
    approach, agreed to continue discuss event format and make decision
    at next SC meeting in the summer to include what if any COVID restrictions may be required. Brian to explore security options. For the April event it was agreed that the
    cap would be raised to 35 per run group.
  7. 7  Club radios -Agreed that Steve Eymann and Chris Groppi will refurbish club radios (antenna, batteries, etc) after April event
  8. 8  Forum name/signature – It was agreed that all members on the Forum
    must use their proper name, as there is an issue that the signature does not display on the mobile version of the forum.
  9. 9  2 day event proposal – It was agreed that pre-reg priority on
    special events will be given to full time SCCA members to encourage. SCCA membeship, Lance to confirm MSR support.
  10. 10  Yuma – it was brought to the attention of the SC of a possible autox
    event at the Marine air station in Yuma. The SC decision was to express
    support of the SCCA San Diego Club’s effort (attendance or work/equipment support)
  11. 11  Other- Agreed to Chris’s request to have umbrellas as next trophy award. It was agreed a group of SC would clear out the trailer. Steve will locate title in preparation
    to sell/dispose of trailer.
  12. 12  Next meeting will occur in mid July

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